ZCash Mining is 400% More Profitable than Bitcoin

ZCash Mining is 400% More Profitable than Bitcoin

For people involved in the mining of cryptocurrency, ZCash is by far the most profitable one. This is because its Return on Investment (ROI) far exceeds that of any other token including BTC, BCH and ETH which have the largest market caps.

ZCash miners that use an Antminer Z9 Mini can expect a return on investment of almost 100% even in the most dubious scenarios. The second most profitable crypto is Ether. Using an Antminer E3 will lead to a return on investment of $1212 in one year which is a 151 ROI with a cost of $800. The Z9 mini miner costs $2000 and would generate $8000 over a two year period which is a profit of around 344%. These calculation are done with the presumption of the most optimistic scenario. For Bitcoin miners using the GMO B2 would bring an ROI of about $1500 in two years. This makes the mining of ZCash around 400% more profitable than that of Bitcoin and a little less than 200% more than Ether.

There are three scenarios that take into account the increase in mining difficulty and change in the price of ZCash used for these calculations. In the Optimistic Scenario, there is a 15% increase in difficulty monthly and a 10% price increase monthly. This will bring the rate of return down to a little under $5400. In a pessimistic scenario, there is a 40% increase in difficulty monthly and 8% increase in price monthly. Here, miners could earn a return of $1400 in the first year, but it will become economically non-viable by the second year. The current scenario is with the current conditions and no changes. It has mainly been taken for a point of reference for calculation and analysis.

ZCash is deemed to be a viable mining alternative to ETH and BTC because these tokens are often overcrowded by big corporations and mining pools that lower the chances of profitability despite their higher values compared to ZCash.

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