Yumerium CEO and CTO Discuss Problems Faced by the Gaming Industry
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Yumerium CEO and CTO Discuss Problems Faced by the Gaming Industry

CoinFrenzy recently got the opportunity to interview Jikhan Jung, the CEO of Subdream Studios, and Francisco Martin, the CTO of Subdream Studios.

Subdream Studios is the company working behind Yumerium. It is a game company which is working towards bringing VR to the gaming industry.

When asked about what Yumerium is, here’s what Jikhan had to say:

“Yumerium is a gaming platform using the blockchain technology. The thing that we try to realize is a platform for gamers while at the same time (useful) for developers.”

The platform truly benefits the developers since they are rewarded for making great games for the platform, but what about the gamers? How does the platform benefit gamers?

Upon asking these questions, Franciso said:

“The YUM tokens available have value in themselves, and we’re also planning to add a micro-transaction system using Yumerium. A great example that I like to give is if I’m playing an MMO and I’m collecting and grinding to get these points, I’m pretty much into that MMO. So I need to spend hours upon hours grinding this one game doing mindless tasks that might not really be fun for the consumer but they’re doing it because they want to have some kind of reward at the end of the day. So you make, instead, a decentralized token that is shared between games. You can say “you know what I really want to get this one item in this MMO but I don’t want to spend five hours in the MMO, so I’ll just play one hour of this other game, one hour of this another game and I’ll still be collecting this Yumerium which would still help me collect other things in other games.””

This makes a huge difference in the way we perceive in-game items since it breaks all boundaries and allows us to earn tokens from different games and use them in other games.

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