XRP (XRP) Rebranding Efforts Continue: A Separate Entity From Ripple

XRP (XRP) Rebranding Efforts Continue: A Separate Entity From Ripple

Crypto dealers have for quite a while called the digital resource is known as XRP by the name of the Ripple company that uses the asset. At first, it was alright to interchange the two names when referring to the coin and the organization, however, with three lawsuits pending against Ripple and a SEC decision that is yet to come, it is understood that the team at Ripple has seen it important to distinguish between the two entity.

The Ripple company, via its website and Twitter page, has clearly outlined the differences between the two using the infographic underneath.

Ethereum World News had late last week hinted at the ongoing efforts by the Ripple company to distinguish itself from the digital asset of XRP. One of the factors that had led to this conclusion, was the new XRP symbol evident on coinmarketcap.com. This new symbol is the simple X that was part of an XRP-community effort back in May, to have a unique cryptocurrency symbol for XRP.

One other thing that may be of concern is that SEC excluded XRP in the list of digital resources it barred from being securities. Maybe this is because of the fact that Ripple organization claims roughly 60 Billion XRP with 55 Billion of that sum secured up in escrow.

An assertion of XRP being a security would mean the group at Ripple will be constantly in and out of court to give an answer to the 3 lawsuits against the organization and in addition different infractions against securities laws in the US. ON the other hand of the coin, XRP is likewise excluded from being a security and life returns to normal for XRP HODLers celebrating this fact.

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