William Mougayar to Launch 'Blockchain Technology Ventures' Soon

William Mougayar to Launch ‘Blockchain Technology Ventures’ Soon

William Mougayar, Author of The Business Blockchain, looks forward to launching his own investment firm ‘Blockchain Technology Ventures’ sometime in July this year.

The firm will operate in the same way as a standard venture capitalist firm, with the only difference being that of the client base. The firm will take up only crypto and blockchain-based projects.

The grand success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has lured in many investors to set up their own enterprises, mainly in the form of start-ups and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The investment firm could open locked doors for new projects that lack necessary funding to achieve their goal. However, this won’t come easy; start-ups would have to demonstrate innovate ideas along with the technical & economic feasibility of their project. William said that the firm will only fund projects that look promising.

He further added that Blockchain Technology Ventures is essentially an archetypal venture capitalist institution, not to be mistaken for a hedge fund. The key objective of the firm is to bring about a change in the venture capitalist market. Also, he made it clear that the firm can be slightly biased towards blockchain projects still in early stages.

According to various sources, the firm will most likely launch its first funding in July. William has already made public the stringent requirements that applicants would have to meet before they can expect any funding from the investment firm.

However, there’s a twist here – the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority is yet to show a green flag to this creation. It would be a major blow to William & team if Swiss watchdog authority decides to reject this proposal.

William, anyway, praised the idea of seeking approval from a regulatory body, saying that approval from a regulatory body only helps a firm gain public trust. Therefore, investors have much more to gain here than lose.

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