Three Multi-Algo rigs launched by Watts Miners

Three Multi-Algo rigs launched by Watts Miners

Watts Miners have started a new era in the world of cryptocurrency. The company has announced the formal launch of three new mining rigs with capabilities to take the global crypto space by storm.

Watts Miners has utilized ASIC chip technology to deliver three introductory products that are pre-configured for ease of use and promise return on investment within just one month. The company is led by some of the most experienced specialists in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

About the mining rigs that are launched

The three new miners launched by Watts Miners are named as Watts Mini, Watts Miner, and Watts Rack. Each of these miners is designed and built to operate under multiple algorithms. The miners are capable of mining Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and Bitcoin.

Watta Miners has worked hard to bring forth a brilliant hardware design and to come up with products that will stand apart from the rest by delivering low power consumption and high hash rates. Each miner has been thoroughly evaluated, prototyped, and pressure tested under extreme conditions, prior to the launch.

David Anderson, the CEO of Watts Miners, said,

“We made it easier for the common man to join the mining game. All you have to do is just plug in the socket and start mining.”

The features of the miners launched by the company include:
1. They can be installed at living zones because of their low noise level
2. Silent high-pressure pumps
3. Radiators with more than 15% increased rib area
4. Most effective closed-loop cooling system
5. Power consumption of 800W±10%, 1200W±10%, and (1200W±10%) x 4 for the three models
6. The durability of more than 70,000 hours of working
7. Noiseless Fans with greatly improved aerodynamics of the blades and built-in anti-vibration pad

The company also guarantees delivery in 3-7 days, as per the website. They cover delivery and customs fees too. The miners are currently in stock and ready to be shipped.

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