AI powered crypto trading with watermelonblock

AI Powered Crypto Trading With Watermelonblock

Watermelonblock is a new investment analysis tool that is powered by AI tools has made a new system that will make finding investments easy and quick instead of painful and time-consuming. In a world where cryptocurrencies are greatly accepted, but the system is still experiencing issues. Because of the increasing number of ICOs, investors are getting confused about what to invest in and what not to. To find the right investment and assets could take hours with a lot of careful research and analysis.

WatermelonBlock is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. The app automatically collects data from different sources such as market trends and social media sentiment. It then formulates the information in an easy to read manner called a Melon Score. This will give the investors of different skill at different levels an easy method to judge which cryptocurrencies have the highest potential for future growth and which should be invested in.

WatermelonBlock will be rolled out in two phases. The first phase is about giving each cryptocurrency project a score by gathering data from different sources and general sentiments that can have an effect on the coin’s/token’s price.

Phase Two is expected to launch in the second half of 2019 and will create a fully automated trading system for advanced users. In addition to using the same technology that will be used in phase 1, but other advanced trading algorithms as well that will automate the entire process so that there is 24/7 AI help.

WatermelonBlock also provides a lot of features for all users that are free. For example, getting access to the app and it’s scoring functions are free. Therefore, it makes the platform accessible to even those who are just starting to invest in cryptocurrency.

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