Volkswagen AG’s Former Research Director Joins IOTA (MIOTA)

Volkswagen AG’s Former Research Director Joins IOTA (MIOTA)

In a recent announcement from IOTA Foundation, it was declared that Dr. Klaus Schaaf is joining IOTA in an official capacity. The alumnus of Volkswagen AG, Dr. Klaus Schaaf has worked there for nearly 30 years and has been a component of Volkswagen Group Digitalisation which was founded by IOTA supervisory board part, Johann Jungwirth.

Volkswagen Group Digitalisation accentuates on new services and products. The concentrated regions under this wing have been Software-over-the-Air [OTA] and the use of Distributed Ledger Technologies in the automotive business. Their blog states:

“During this time he came across IOTA and its superb technology and initiated the proof of concept which was shown by Volkswagen at CeBIT2018.”

Klaus’ contribution in building the Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab [ERL] in California while he was the Research Director is well-known. Later on, he became the director of “Wireless Wolfsburg”, the very first public City-Wifi in Germany where the latest applications for vehicles were tested. After joining the IOTA Foundation, Klaus commented:

“The automotive world is disrupted by new technologies like Software-over-the-Air, Function on Demand and Autonomous Driving. New Business Models will provide Mobility-as-a-Service. To support these disruptive technologies Distributed Ledger Technology will play a major role. IOTA and the Tangle provide a future oriented technology which is well suited for the requirements of the new Mobility ecosystem. I am excited to be part of the IOTA Foundation and to help building the pillars on which this ecosystem will rest.”

The founder of IOTA, David Sonstebo states in the blog:

“We are very happy to have Klaus join the Foundation in an official capacity. His extraordinary experience stretching back decades, particularly in the field of modern cars and its intersection with Internet of Things make him an ideal advisor to assist us in realizing the vision of the IOTA project. Give him a warm welcome!”

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