VET Token Swap Begins After VeChain X Node Binding Services Close

VET Token Swap Begins After VeChain X Node Binding Services Close

VeChain made an announcement on their official Twitter handle on 10th August that X Node binding services will be shutting as the team has started the swap of VET token. As per the handle, the team will not be accepting the ERC20 tokens which are being transferred to the VeChainThor wallet. Before the swap is initiated users are requested to read the manual.

The details and the overview of what the VeChainThor wallet is, along with every necessary and important abbreviation that the users need to get familiar with is provided by the VeChain Foundation in the user manual.

Apart from the above information, the manual also explains users all the needed steps that a user holding X noded might need in order to complete the VET token swap on their mobile application using their VeChain token swap service. It also goes on to explain the process to those who don’t have the X Node.

VeChain launched the X Node series in order to make the conversion or swapping of tokens from VEN to VET easier. The point at which an update starts and ends on the blockchain and is present there is essentially what an X node is all about. As per the reports, X Node is different from regular nodes on the blockchain is a way because it gives special benefits for the early supporters of the VeChain platform.

Some of the included benefits are :

  • Exclusive participation in VeChain Ecosystem ICO whitelists
  • More VeChain production than standard nodes
  • Official designations to build and represent the community
  • Early start of node maturity periods

VeChain had requested its clients to transfer their token to a safe and well-established exchange platform when the announcement was made in the initial days. This would make it easier for the coin swap if it is present on a familiar exchange platform.
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