VeChain And Ontology (ONT) Added on Ledger with 6 others

VeChain And Ontology (ONT) Added on Ledger with 6 others

Ledger announced on 7th August that their cryptocurrency wallet will now uphold the transactions of Ontology (ONT) and Vechain on the platform. As per the company, the Ledger support with its  desktop wallet will be launched as early as possible after the pipeline is updated

The Crypto Tuesday launch of the Ledger wallet was supported by the Ledger. The official blog of Ledger stated:

“While we’re proud to be supported by such an active community, we’re also conscious that we can go even further to help developers prepare applications for Ledger devices. In an effort to streamline the process behind the development and release of new device applications, Ledger is strengthening its third-party application process and launching First Tuesday Crypto, a brand new rendezvous for the Ledger community, happening every first Tuesday of the month.”

The company recently informed that the process of validations for the third party application will be provided with guidelines that will guarantee seamless transactions.

As per Ledger officials, they were excited to provide their users with the information that other cryptocurrencies are also added onto the wallet. Their official Twitter stated the following:

“Happy #FirstTuesdayCrypto ! Ledger now supports PoA, Icon, VeChain, WanChain, Ontology, Kowala, particle and RSK. These 3rd-party apps for Ledger Nano S are available on Ledger Live”

Eight more third-party applications were added by the company which have been developed by the network. Ledger also mentioned that fifteen out of the thirty-seven applications supported by Ledger is ready to be used. Ledger was also in the news recently for giving support to ICON with an official Medium blog post.

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