USDT-TRON Now Supported by BTEX
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USDT-TRON Now Supported by BTEX

In a recent post, TRON Foundation announced that USDT-TRON is now supported by the digital currency exchange BTEX.

Recently USDT hit an all-time high in the number of daily transactions with the number hitting 38k.

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In a recent Medium article, Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON Foundation and CEO of BitTorrent cleared up confusion in the TRON community regarding the Tesla giveaway.

He started off by announcing that he would be giving away two Teslas:

“I’ve happily decided to give away two Teslas to further my mission of creating transparency, reliability and openness about blockchain. I want to explain openly and clearly what happened with the giveaway I announced earlier to clear up some confusion.”

He then talked about what led to the confusion:

“To generate better awareness of the blockchain industry and celebrate the introduction our USDT-TRON stablecoin to everyone in the world, I personally decided earlier this month to give away two cars — a Mini in China, and a Tesla for the rest of the world. I created pretty simple rules that I expected to generate excitement and get more engagement for the industry and stablecoin in general.”

Adding to it:

“On Monday, my team on Weibo gave away the Mini through Weibo, and the community has responded happily. The draw brought great, positive attention to the industry. On Twitter, the team used a tweet randomizer tool because Twitter does not have an official drawing mechanism. The team was unfamiliar with the tool and performed a number of test draws to understand how it worked, which has led to some misunderstandings about how we did what we did. We also were unaware there would be concern about the video not being live-streamed and that it would create ambiguity and controversy.”

Talking about the live stream of the lucky draw, he said:

“To address those concerns, I decided to create a live-streamed draw to show we are open about everything we do. The person picked in that draw has already contacted us and will receive the Tesla. I’ve also decided to give a Tesla to @uzgaroth.”

He then said:

“I spent many hours thinking of ways to show how blockchain and the newly launched TRON stablecoin will be a game-changer for both consumers and businesses. I take that seriously; we will more than likely have a few setbacks along the way. The team has taken some learnings from this, and we are more than happy to collaborate with Twitter and third-party developers to have good mechanisms to select winners (maybe even powered by blockchain technology!)”

In conclusion, he said:

“I personally believe the industry needs to have more transparency, reliability, and openness so that people both inside the industry and out trust blockchain in general and TRON in particular. My mission is to create positive change, and I hope people will continue to join that crusade.”

Not too long ago, TRON acquired CoinPlay. In an official Medium article pertaining to the announcement, the team said:

“TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. CoinPlay positions itself as a blockchain application store that aims to offer the most comprehensive, suitable and updated blockchain apps. Currently, popular blockchain apps are often hard to find at conventional app stores, and it is difficult to screen the source for safe download. TRON and CoinPlay shares the same vision: providing better user experience for blockchain practitioners in the industry.”

Adding to it:

“Since the beginning, the TRON ecosystem has achieved tremendous growth and gained significant momentum. One of the biggest progresses is its successful acquisition of BitTorrent and including it into the ecosystem of TRON. With BitTorrent, TRON has become the world’s largest decentralized Internet ecosystem. This latest acquisition of CoinPlay has also enriched TRON, further advancing the development of the blockchain community.”

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