Unocoin Launches UNODAX

Unocoin Launches UNODAX

India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin has announced that UNODAX—its new exchange—is now live.

The current Unocoin service would continue managing the usage of all of the cryptocurrencies which it supports. As of now, Unocoin provides tools for buying and selling in a systematic manner, merchant payments, wallets and a mobile app.

Unocoin would be moving its live order-book trading platform to UNODAX, the new domain. It would feature a whole lot of new and existing tools for the crypto trades including crypto asset support, maker-taker fee model, live order-book trading, exclusive maker bonuses, transparent order depth and unlimited order validity.

The migration is being performed without posing service outages to Unocoin users. Since services and domains are both running on the same backend servers, the users would be able to maintain login credentials and transaction history at both the sites.

Unocoin’s original website would still be used for storing bitcoin and all of the other crypto assets they have. It would also be used for buying and selling Bitcoins from the accompanying brokerage services of Unocoin.

The team said:

“If you’d like to indulge in traditional trading (and explore beyond bitcoin while you’re at it) — the UNODAX is at your service, with its low taker fees (0.6%), and — as covered previously — a Bitcoin bonus (0.3%) on all your maker transactions.”

Indian crypto exchanges are doing their best to improve the situation of the Indian market.

With many cryptocurrencies launching their own main nets, these crypto exchanges are providing full support for the transfer of the coins from their existing platforms to the mainnet.

Recently, Zebpay, another popular Indian crypto exchange, recently announced its support for the EOS mainnet swap due on 1st June 2018. In an official tweet, the crypto exchange said that it would support EOS Mainnet Swap and that all EOS sending and receiving transactions wouldn’t work from 29th May 08:00 PM IST onwards—users would still be able to trade EOS in INR and a few other cryptocurrencies.

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