How Makes Use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?
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How Makes Use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? is a new Bitcoin transaction visualizer website offers Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Insight Tool. The website visualizes Bitcoin transactions as bus passengers and offers some surprisingly compelling insights into how the cryptocurrency work. It is very enthralling to watch the process in action. translates real-time transaction data from the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) networks into South Park-like cartoons of passengers boarding a series of buses. The website is somewhat intended to show contrasts between the two cryptocurrency networks. The supporters of both these networks have been at odds since Bitcoin Cash “forked” from Bitcoin nearly a year ago. is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) live transaction visualizer inspired by This website helps users understand the blocksize in an easy way. It uses an interesting approach to help investors understand every step which follows a crypto transaction. It covers all the aspects starting from trading of cryptocurrencies till the cryptos have been stored in the blockchain.


The website has created several passengers who are boarding different buses. Users will encounter many human-like characters who are trying to get on the bus. Some characters are walking faster than the rest and some are bigger than others. Each character represents a transaction. A ‘fast-moving’ character indicates that whether or not transaction fees was paid to speed up the entire process. The size of each character represents the amount of money earned or spent in the transaction. The character looks like a cartoon.

Each character on the website represents a cryptocurrency payment moving from one account to another. These characters move towards buses waiting at a pair of stations. One station is for Bitcoin and one is for Bitcoin Cash. The buses represent “blocks” of transactions, sets of records which essentially every blockchain system collects, compiles, and confirms at regular intervals. In the website, the buses and their passengers depart whenever a block of transactions is confirmed by a network and added to its respective blockchain which is the immutable record of each currency’s transaction history.

The creator of, who prefers staying anonymous, says,

“I was motivated to show each blockchain as accurately and fairly as possible. If the truth promotes Bitcoin Cash, then it is what it is.”

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