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TWEX has a big 20-membered team with an 8-membered advisory board. The team has quite some experience in the blockchain industry and hence looks quite promising. TWEX has an impressive team of advisors as well. Here are the members of the team:

  • Amal Sharma: Amal is a creator of businesses with more than 25 years of experience in banking, finance, and corporate funding. He was educated at University Paris IX Dauphine in France. Amal has written more than 5 books which have been published over the years.
  • Tapan Das: Tapan is a senior-level Fin-tech professional with 26 years’ experience and proven track record of applying a practical mix of technologies blended with subject matter expertise in Finance. He is an engineer in computer science, an MBA in marketing, an MBA in Financial Markets, and a certified Design Thinking professional from MIT. Tapan follows a process driven design thinking methodology with management and leadership initiatives that help meet business needs while minimizing risks.
  • Ajay Sharma: Ajay is an accomplished Board member, international speaker, social entrepreneur, Impact investor and executive for business development in European, Asian and Middle-East markets.
  • Ken Tachibana: Ken is the founder and managing director of Intelligence Capital. He has a 30-year proven track record of success in venture capital. Ken’s unique multi-cultural and language skills have made him a key player in the international markets.
  • Nathan Christian: Nathan is a top global influencer in Banking & Fintech. He is a technical expert in blockchain-based accounting & financial applications. Nathan is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 start-ups in his portfolio. He is into Initial Coin Offering (ICO) strategy, development, venture capital investment, consulting & advising, and is an MBA from the Ohio State University.
  • Joppe Sikma: Joppe is a fundamental crypto analyst and trader with several years of experience with cryptos and other instruments such as stocks, futures, and FOREX. He is the co-founder, COO, and CFO of Crypto Rating Desk. Joppe has fulfilled advisory roles for multiple ICO’s, helping the ICO’s with their whitepapers, business models and overall presentation of the ICO. He is specialized in making an ICO attractive to investors.
  • Edwin Van Den Berg: Edwin creates creative, practical, and simple solutions which help to educate others.
  • Paul Mears: Paul is a passionate tech, bio, and innovation investor with experience of working in a variety of finance and operational roles in UK, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Monaco in a range of companies from start-up to multinationals including hedge-funds, telco, construction, and software. He is an angel investor with a portfolio of Biotech, Med Devices, Apps, Payments and since 2016 active in crypto as an investor and advisor to Initial Coin Offerings including Humaniq, Modex, Varcrypt, Howdoo, Autobay, Jointo.
  • Marc Bandemer: Marc is an established, highly qualified MBA businessman, with some 30 years as an entrepreneur who shares a current a position of COO at Integer Wealth, an investment company deploying investments into credible commercial, industrial and real estate projects worldwide. With a high degree of venture capital experience, Marc is also the author of several high profile company policies, procedures, and processes, and has a strong marketing personality too.
  • Aamir Kadri: Aamir is experienced in designing, coding & developing websites, dashboards
    from layout to function with strong Programming skills.
  • Tuba Shaikh: Tuba is TWEX’s web developer having experience in designing and development with sharp designing concepts.
  • Saman Shaikh: Saman is experienced in designing of websites. She has strong UI skills which can
    make a website look more charming.
  • Gabrielle Menezes: Gabrielle, having knowledge of contract laws, is TWEX’s assistant in the drafting team and for legal research related to crypto-currencies and contractual legalities.
  • Anisha Jai: Anisha is responsible for recruiting, screening and placing workers. As the Human Resources Manager, she plans, directs, and coordinates the administrative functions of an organization. She is responsible for explaining human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards to new and existing employees.
  • Amit Sharma: Amit is experienced in Graphics Designing, 3d Modeling, visualizing & Video
    editing skills.
  • Sweety Dixit: Sweety is responsible for conceptualization and design of character and objects, animation and other graphic art.
  • Naina Jude: Naina provides voice-over and writes content for information videos about TWEX.
  • Shraddha Gund: Shraddha handles the social media platforms for TWEX. She is responsible for increasing reach and amplifying marketing of TWEX.
  • Gipsy Gupta: Gipsy is responsible for building TWEX as a brand. She promotes TWEX on social
    media platforms.
  • Tabassum Hashmi: Tabassum is responsible for increasing of visibility of TWEX on social media platforms. She creates content and analyzes the performance of TWEX on social media.
  • Christophe Ozcan: Advisor. Christophe is an experienced advisor and entrepreneur on Blockchain
    Ecosystem. He is an active participant of the Blockchain community by promoting the technology through his interventions. Christophe is the CEO of Crypto4All, a Blockchain consulting company and also an expert member of ISO/TC-307 committee for international standardization of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. His interest in Blockchain technology began back in 2013 when he
    discovered Bitcoin and started to become a miner of cryptocurrencies with his own mining rig.
  • Remy Ozcan: Advisor. Remy is the co-founder of Crypto4All a Blockchain technology services company. Blockchain technology is the space where all his previous experiences, education and belief intersect. He graduated from Paris Dauphine University in Finance & Law. Remy was in charge setting up finance & legal engineering for the European top asset manager. His enthusiasm over Blockchain technology stems from both the technological and financial aspects. “Merge Blockchain technology with real-world economy” became his watchword.
  • Yuriy Habarov: Advisor. Yuriy is a fintech serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in building Enterprise level software platforms, mostly for large Financial Organizations around London City.
    He is a Solutions Designer in Big Data and Hi Load computing.
  • Anouche Karaman: Advisor. Anouche is an experienced & highly versatile senior professional in banking & asset management in Switzerland for over 3 decades (former Japanese broker & bond trader, portfolio manager {Evaluation & asset management}), stock & chart analysis, active in niche markets (gold, precious stones, special instruments). She is the Founder & CEO of several businesses in areas such as education, retail, services, consulting & hospitality.
  • Gerard Van De Par: Advisor. Gerard has a good background in the Fintech industry with an IT background but no direct, discernable ICO experience. He is a seasoned manager and strategy consultant in the financial sector and beyond. Gerard is an influencer and speaker in topics for innovative entrepreneurship. At the moment he is involved as an advisor in several
    Fintech companies. Gerard holds a master’s degree in technology complemented with many
    business and ICT curricula, amongst which Is Banking Strategy. His areas of expertise are Technology, Marketing, Innovation, and organization. Gerard is an active member of different Fintech organizations in Europe.
  • Rohan Handa: Advisor. Rohan works at the Businesses (NDB) team @ BBVA that focuses on venture creation, business development, strategic partnerships, and investment. Within NDB, he works directly with entrepreneurs and innovation leaders as their strategic partner to ideate, incubate, invest, and help scale disruptive new digital businesses. His current areas of interest are primarily within digital and blockchain based technology, including crypto assets, DApps, and finding opportunities for integrating its utility within IoT and AI space. Prior to this, Rohan has worked in financial services space as a consultant in North America and Asia focusing on customer and digital strategy for Fortune 500 firms. He has MS in Engineering Management from University of Southern California, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.
  • Sean Brizendine: Advisor. Sean is an Advisory Board Member at ‘BlockMedx’, ’Knowledge’, ’Nous Platform’, and ‘PollyPatient’, ‘Blockchain Hub Consulting’, ‘TWEX’. He is a Blockchain Specialist on the
    ‘LOCI’ Team along with Technical Advisor ‘GCC Blockchain Conference’ in Dubai. Sean is a recipient of BSA-e approval from US Treasury FinCEN. He has assisted in the launching of numerous Alternative CryptoCurrencies for research and has received a 5+ POD Rating by the CryptoAsian in 2014.
  • P.B. Stanton ESQ: Advisor. He is highly experienced in Securities & Banking Law and is a Former US Marine JAG Officer. He is an expert in complex legal issues of regulatory compliance, valuation & management protocols & controls among other considerations.
Rating: 8/10

About the ICO

Name: Tag World Exchange

Token Symbol: TWEX

White Paper link:

Token Supply: 500,000,000 TWEX
Initial Offering Price: 1 TWEX= 0.40 Euro cents
Currencies Accepted: USD, Euro, British Pound, BTC, ETH, Swiss Franc, AUD, New Zealand Dollar

Hard cap: 160,000,000 EUR
Soft cap: 100,000,000 EUR
Token Type: ERC20

Tag World Exchange is involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential. Our investment in your business is more than just financial. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their company forward. TWEX platform allows investors and companies to come on a single platform with investments done on a portfolio rather than a single company and so enables investors to manage risk accordingly. Tag World Exchange platform is a crowd-lending platform allowing investors to invest funds in new companies using TWEX Tokens and smart contracts powered by Ethereum. Smart contracts based on block-chain technology enable investors to benefit from Capital Reimbursements and Profit Payments. TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and are based on real-world economies. TWEX Tokens can be acquired in Bitcoins, Ethereums, US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, and Pounds.


TWEX’s product is a Smart Contracts Trading Exchange platform which helps investors invest securely in a better way.

It uses Tokenized Preferred Shares (TPS) to address issues such as lack of standardization and diversification, and noncompliance with the existing regulation. With TPS issued by the companies which have registered themselves with TWEX, certain payment rights are given to the owners.

The TWEX Token gives its owners the possibility among others to use its proprietary assets
valuation and payment algorithm.

Rating: 7/10

Potential for Idea

Since the tokens are based on real-world economics, there seems to be quite a lot of potential for the idea. However, the successful implementation of the idea would come down on the team.

Rating: 7/10


On the marketing front, the team hasn’t really done much. TWEX has been more or less dead on the social media channels it is present on. While there have been posts every now and then, it can be clearly seen that the team needs to put in more efforts on marketing to ensure the success of their ICO.

Rating: 6/10

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits of going for TWEX include:

  • The idea is based on real-world economics.
  • TWEX tokens are non-inflationary.
  • The idea is a good one.

The disadvantage of going for TWEX is that it hasn’t done much marketing yet, which can severely affect the ICO.

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*This is only a review and not financial gospel. Please invest at your own discretion*

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