Smart Toilets, Price Recovery: Is TRX Back on Track?
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Smart Toilets, Price Recovery: Is TRX Back on Track?

TRON (TRX) has partnered with the smart toilet startup from China, MOSHROOM, for bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency to public toilets.

Justin Sun, the founder, and CEO of TRON tweeted on August 9 about the partnership stating that the “two partners will work on blockchain technologies, especially cross-border settlement with cryptocurrencies.”

Backed by the Chinese government, MOSHROOM already has a lot of portable smart toilets all across China. This new partnership with TRON would help MOSHROOM’s smart toilets to be brought onto the blockchain, allowing users of the smart toilets to pay in cryptocurrency. TRON would provide technical support to MOSHROOM for facilitating cross-border mobile payments.

In the Medium blog, Justin said:

“Blockchain technologies are not out of reach for ordinary people. A technology is only worthy when it is able to improve people’s life. The mobile Internet technology has already changed how we live in terms of getting information, mobile entertainment, as well as e-commerce. TRON strives to do the same thing with blockchain technologies. Bathroom experience is a matter of health and dignity for each and every one of us, but it hasn’t received the attention it deserves in many countries. TRON hopes to help MOSHROOM improve bathroom experience for more ordinary people in developing countries, with a focus on cross-border payment settlement. We would like to make sure that this project continues in an effective and healthy manner with a good business model.”

Cosmos Wu, founder, and CEO of MOSHROOM said:

“Public toilets are not merely a project for public welfare. On the contrary, the project won’t last long if it is non-profit. We hope to adopt a reasonable business model to provide quality bathroom experience with an affordable price for ordinary people across the world, especially those from developing countries. Since currency systems vary from country to country, it’s not an easy job to popularize our portable toilets around the world. Therefore, we are happy to work with TRON, one of the best in the blockchain community, and promote our project with the help of cryptocurrency.”

The partnership is expected to improve the position of the cryptocurrency in the market, especially after the downfall it faced recently.

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Speaking of the position of TRX, things are looking good for the cryptocurrency after a long time. It is recovering from the recent losses it had to see when it broke below the major support level of 0.03 USD. At the time of writing this article, the cryptocurrency was being traded at 0.024898 USD, just a little over the new major support level of 0.024 USD. The price of TRX is now moving in sync with the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

With so many factors at play, it is hard to say whether TRX is going to grow leaps and bounds in the future. However, it is safe to say that TRX is back on track with all of the new partnerships and other development going on.

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