“Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur” is locked Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur

Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur

The recently highly popular decentralized betting platform Augur is now in the news again, however, for a troubling reason. It is reported that the platform is now taking bets on whether or not the United States President, Donald Trump will be assassinated by the end of the year. Augur users reported the chances of Trump’s assassination at 5%.

The report by CCN said,

This market exists, and, though not the most popular bet on Augur, more than 50 shares have been traded on [Trump’s assassination] as of the time of writing. Similar markets, moreover, exist for a number of other public figures, allowing users to gamble on whether 96-year-old actress Betty White and U.S. Senator John McCain — who has been diagnosed with brain cancer — will survive until Jan. 1, 2019.

Because of these controversial bets on Augur, some dApp browsers have filtered Augur’s content. However, these death bets are still accessible through uncensored networks. There is a lot of debate surrounding this issue. While death markets are illegal worldwide, since Augur is decentralized, it is not certain as to who is to be held responsible for management of its gambling content.

The major concern is that if large enough bets are put in favor of Trump’s assassination, it may actually lead to it because of the possibility of profit through the platform.

Supporters of Augur argue that the developers of the platform shouldn’t be held accountable for the content posted by the users, despite the ethical implications. They believe that since it is a decentralized platform, the developers are not responsible for censoring content.

While earlier on, the developers had a ‘kill switch’, since it has been two weeks since the platform launched without any issues, the kill switch was transformed to a burn address and therefore no single entity can control the system.

Despite this, they still may be responsible for the content on the platform since the assassination bets were made before the burn address was activated.

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