TronWallet Becomes TRON Super Representative
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TronWallet Becomes TRON Super Representative

As per a recent announcement by the team behind TronWallet, it has become a TRON Super Representative.

TronWallet is a secure peer-to-peer crypto wallet and exchange for TRON. Send, receive, pay, request payments, vote and participate in a new decentralized world. On TronWallet, users are able to securely store and exchange crypto directly on the blockchain.

In less than 24 hours after the team announced their new community plan, TronWallet became a TRON Super Representative. Thanking people for their support, the team said:

“Becoming SR wouldn’t be possible without a strong community around to help, particularly without the help of the great people and our SR friends at CryptoChain, CryptoGuyInZA, TeamTronics and Sesameseed. Thank you for your support, let’s make history together!”

In an official Medium article, the team said:

“TronWallet started it’s run for SR on September 20, and, since then we have been learning a lot. Becoming a TRON Super Representative will be a step forward for TronWallet global adoption. To create a healthy ecosystem for our users and the TRON Network, the TronWallet Team will invest to build cutting-edge products to extract the full potential of TRON blockchain technology.”

The team then gives some insights to the readers:

1. People vote for rewards, not necessarily for the better proposals
2. Setup servers with private keys require important security measures
3. Create secure and custom rewards scripts take time. Big thanks to
4. Becoming SR is a huge responsibility and opportunity to create a unique community around of a new decentralized world.

The team then talks about how its previous attempt to become a Super Representative failed before moving on to informing everyone about the new plan:

“With several ideas from TronWallet community and after some scenarios of rewards have been tested, We have decided to change our reward plan to the following structure.
1. We will pay 97% of rewards from SR block generation
2. All rewards are paid in TRX
3. 3% is allocated for operation costs”

Adding to it:

“SR’ are paying in average 16-17 TRX per day (24 hours) for 100k TRX votes. TronWallet SR will pay ~32 TRX per 100k TRX votes until January 01 2019.”

Talking about the future, the team said:

“We strong believe that TWX should be reward for holders and voters in a near future and our team is working hard to make it happen as we go.”

The article then moves on to server configurations. Informing readers about the TestNet server configuration:

Full Node: United States (US-EAST-1) AWS m5d.xlarge
Solidity Node: United States (US-EAST-1) AWS m5d.xlarge

The configuration for the MainNet servers is:

Full Node: United States (US-EAST-1) AWS X1.16xlarge — 64 Core CPU — 1 TB RAM — 1.9 TB SSD (EBS) — 25 GB Broadband
Solidity Node: United States (US-EAST-1) AWS M5D.x4large — 1 TB RAM — 1.9 TB SSD (EBS) — 25 GB Broadband

The configuration for the MainNet backup servers is:

Full Node: United States (US-WEST-1) AWS M5D.x4large — 1 TB RAM — 1.9 TB SSD (EBS) — 25 GB Broadband
Solidity Node: United States (US-WEST-1) AWS M5D.x4large — 1 TB RAM — 1.9 TB SSD (EBS) — 25 GB Broadband

A few weeks ago, TronWallet reached 20,000 users on its app. Excited about a recent iOS release of its app, the team said:

“We started our development with a strong drive to build and validate the app for both platforms (iOS and Android). Not long after, our hopes and dreams of a multi-platform simultaneous launch found its first bump in the road. One of the many dependencies we were using was causing conflicts with our native module used to create accounts and deal with the inner workings of the crypto world. It was at that moment that we realized that we had to make a compromise: either we go down the multi-platform road as we had planned or we abandon those early goals for the sake of a faster release. We chose the latter and continued with our application focused mostly on Android development while we fixed the iOS conflicts that were holding us back.”

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