Tron (TRX)'s TronWallet is live on IOS, and Justin Sun Has a Surprise After His Follower Count Hits 1 Million!
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Tron (TRX)’s TronWallet is live on IOS, and Justin Sun Has a Surprise After His Follower Count Hits 1 Million!

TronWallet has finally been reviewed and accepted by Apple to be live on the App Store. In a Medium blog, the team said:

“So here we are, hours away from another TronWallet release and the Slack channel of our team at Getty/IO bristles with messages of anticipation and excitement. What could propel a group of your usual hard-nosed, stoic, practical software engineers to such display of unrestrained emotion other than starry-eyed thoughts of George R. R. Martin finishing A Song of Ice and Fire? TronWallet has finally been reviewed and accepted by Apple’s App Store.”

The team explained how this release was an important one by saying:

“We started our development with a strong drive to build and validate the app for both platforms (iOS and Android). Not long after, our hopes and dreams of a multi-platform simultaneous launch found its first bump in the road. One of the many dependencies we were using was causing conflicts with our native module used to create accounts and deal with the inner workings of the crypto world. It was at that moment that we realized that we had to make a compromise: either we go down the multi-platform road as we had planned or we abandon those early goals for the sake of a faster release. We chose the latter and continued with our application focused mostly on Android development while we fixed the iOS conflicts that were holding us back.”

As a result of that, the initial release of the app on the iOS platform was nothing more than a reduced version of their Android app. It took more than 30 days for the app to get approved—the longest App Store review of any app by Getty/IO. The publishing of the app took a lot of trials and tribulations and was one of the most difficult periods in the lives of the Getty/IO development team.

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Justin Sun recently tweeted that upon reaching 1 million followers on Twitter, he would give his followers a surprise.

While nobody knows what the surprise is, speculations include a huge TRX airdrop, an important announcement about TRON (TRX), and amongst many others, the following:

The cryptocurrency has seen a rise in the prices recently, owing to the announcement of the release of the latest updates for the Android app, TronWallet. Two new updates had been announced by the developers of the app—the multiple accounts update, and the address book update. The first one to be explained by the developers was the multiple accounts update. To use it, here are the instructions that one must follow:

As you launch your app, you will notice that the first screen has changed. The information you were accustomed to seeing is still there but that screen is now called Accounts and is where the controls for your Multiple Accounts are. The card you see on top of the screen indicates which Account you have selected. At first, there will be a single card only but as you start using the app and create new accounts those will show up to the right and left of it and you will be able to select which will be active by swiping to that account.
To begin using that feature first tap on the top right button on the main screen. This will create a new account and automatically select it as current (this means any transactions within TronWallet are being completed on that account). Every time you swipe to a different account (dragging the screen to the right or left of the card in the center) your list of tokens, Tron Power, Bandwidth and the rest of the information will change to reflect those of your selected account.

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