TRON (TRX) Adoption on a Rise as Seedit passes 10 Million TRX Tip Mark
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TRON (TRX) Adoption on a Rise as Seedit passes 10 Million TRX Tip Mark

In a recent tweet, Seedit announced that it has passed the 10 million TRX mark for the tippings made using the platform.

Seedit has helped the cryptocurrency a lot in the community-driven effort #OperationTronStorm for popularizing TRON (TRX). The community wishes to make the internet decentralized by raising awareness regarding TRON. With the help of this community airdrop, the members of the community were able to tip celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and guess what—even the Pope! This helped popularize TRX amongst some of the most influential people on Twitter.

Apart from sending tips to celebrities, the community also sent tips to non-crypto friends of theirs via @GoSeedIt, further helping the cryptocurrency be known by them. This made sure that everyone became a part of the ordeal.

For those of you who don’t know much about Seedit, it is a revolutionary platform which enables individuals, as well as organizations, send TRON (TRX) tokens anywhere across the globe almost instantly using some of the social media platforms in the market.

Seedit and TRON Foundation had announced their tie-up on 9th August as we covered in one of our articles. Justin Sun had tweeted back then that this would give additional help to TRON for providing an added push for developing its platform into something better every single day.

The announcement which Seedit made after that assured users that they seek to give people an easier and quicker payment platform which would use the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and functionalities of TRON in a smart way. It was mentioned that the main reason why TRON had been chosen as the platform for the payment system to be run on was the ultralight blockchain technology which the cryptocurrency uses.

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The cryptocurrency network has been known to heavily use the existing libraries without encountering most of the bugs which those existing libraries led to. The first phase of the development of the cryptocurrency was Exodus, which confined the establishment designs and projects. Odyssey, the second phase of the development of the cryptocurrency, enabled it to upgrade the blockchain technology in such a way that made companies like Seedit function.

Great Voyage, the third phase of the development of the cryptocurrency would be done on a very large scale with support given to individual content creators on the platform as per the plans.

With Seedit, the cryptocurrency aimed to make TRX available to be transferred on social media platforms such as Reddit, Kakau, and Telegram. Safety has been the highest priority throughout its development since the system had to be used on social media channels.

User functionality had also been a key factor considered while developing the platform. In fact, the auto-generated wallet was made with the intention of making things easier for the users whenever they wish to transfer their funds from point A to point B.

The foolproof private keys which are generated when a user wishes to carry out any transaction is meant to make the user’s data as secure as possible. It is keeping these things in mind that the development had been done. And it is the result of these things that a better-connected network has been made which enables users to link their new wallets with their own personal digital wallets.

This is a big achievement for the supporters of the cryptocurrency since the success of the whole project can be accredited to the community which proactively made this happen. With such a community backing the cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX) is quite likely to rise further.

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