Pornhub Partnership, Raybo Runs for TRONSR: Will TRON Live up to the Hype?
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Pornhub Partnership, Raybo Runs for TRONSR: Will TRON Live up to the Hype?

While it has been in the news for a long while, TRON (TRX) has finally been added as a payment option on the famous adult website, Pornhub.

In a tweet dated July 31, Pornhub announced that users can pay for Pornhub Premium with the help of TRX, along with the existing means of payment, Verge (XVG) and Zencash (ZEN).

TRON Foundation has uploaded a guide on Medium which contains steps for people to upgrade their Pornhub accounts with TRX. The nine-step guide is simple and easy to follow and is expected to help more people use the cryptocurrency.

The reason behind the use of cryptocurrencies for payments on adult websites is the fact that most people don’t trust adult websites enough to use their credit cards online. Moreover, some of them dislike the fact that it can be traced on bank statements. This compels them to look for options with which they can pay discretely for adult content—which is where cryptocurrencies come in.

Being added as a means of payment on Pornhub was supposed to help in wider adoption of TRON, which it is doing. However, people in the community feel like their favorite cryptocurrency has been tainted because of being used on adult websites.

This has led to the prices of TRX drop by almost 4%, which might not be a significant drop compared to how volatile the market, but is certainly a concern for many investors. The cryptocurrency had already dropped from being the 10th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization to being the 12th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. If the value of the cryptocurrency falls further, it might cause TRX to slip further lower in the charts which is something that would significantly affect the trust of investors and potential investors in the cryptocurrency.

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The drop in prices of the cryptocurrency has nothing to do with its popularity. TRX is still the favorite cryptocurrency for many, and that can clearly be seen in the TRON Super Representative Elections.

Justin Sun announced in a tweet on August 7 that the Chinese blockchain giant, Raybo, would be running for TRON Super Representative. He praised Raybo for being committed to promoting decentralized distributed clearing technology in Greater China.

As of now, TRON Foundation boasts of having more than 63 candidates which aim to take over command as the Super Representative of the network. Becoming the Super Representative of the network would make Raybo have a huge role in deciding the future of the cryptocurrency since the SR would be responsible for future governance and underlying structure. The SR would also have to act as a representative of the will of the people.

The Super Representatives would also act as the guardians of the network. They would have to actively participate in the validation and circulation of activities going on in the network. Since the process is a fair democratic one, it is expected that the results it yields would be sustainable.

TRON Foundation has been serious about the whole ordeal and has been actively conducting events to ensure that everyone remains engaged. Recently, there was an all-hands meeting held for TRONSR with participating members flocking in from even Beijing and San Francisco. Ever since it was established, the number of participating members has risen steadily from 108 to 300. The number is expected to rise further in the future.

With the Super Representative Elections and by partnering up with various adult media websites, TRON has created quite a hype for itself. But the question remains: will TRON live up to the hype?

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