TRON (TRX) now Available on SatoWallet
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TRON (TRX) now Available on SatoWallet

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, recently tweeted that TRX is now available on SatoWallet multi crypto wallet and exchange.

In the official Medium blog, the foundation said that the partnership would be a mutually beneficial one—furthering the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases. The foundation explains more about Satowallet to the people by saying:

“Satowallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet provider and exchange that not only holds over 60 Cryptocurrencies, but provides Staking ability, Auto Swap feature, Instant trade on Exchange, Superb Speed, amazing security and so much more. Satowallet has been voted as one of the most trusted crypto wallet and exchange, providing high liquidity for all listed assets and with a trade volume of over 3 million dollars, with a developed team of blockchain experts, who understands market trends and are strategically positioned to play a vital role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Satowallet has a goal to make cryptocurrency easy to use for all and sundry. One of our projected roadmap is to provide off line transactions for all our users, new, and existing.”

This partnership of theirs would provide the TRON users and enthusiasts a safe and trustable platform which they can use for trading, swapping, and HODLing their TRX tokens. The Satowallet app is available on iOS, as well as Android. It has a PC app as well.

Users of the platform would be able to do the following:

1. Tron wallet integration on the satowallet app for Apple, Android, and PC user.
2. Trade Tron on satowallet exchange on Apple, Android and PC wallet
3. Zero fee for all Intra-Satowallet Tron transaction
4. Swap Tron to other supported Cryptocurrencies

The community is excited to try Satowallet out!

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New developments are in store when it comes to TRON. Not too long ago, the foundation announced that SEEDgerminator has been launched. SEEDgerminator is a product of Sesameseed, which is a Super Representative.

The program has different points of interest for different entities involved in it. Running down through some of the points of interests, this is what the program means for the TRON Foundation:

“A sustainable and effective investment strategy, driven by the Tron community to fast track projects that will utilize the Tron network.”

For the developers, the point of interest is:

“Access to the Sesameseed developer fund and a platform to campaign projects to the Tron community that will utilize them. Approved projects may propose to seek additional community investment in the form of SEED tokens, directly from Sesameseed members.”

This is what the program means for the community:

“Sesameseed members may vote monthly on the use of the Sesameseed developer fund. Funded projects will be encouraged to engage with members through airdrop’s, early access programs, etc. Community members may choose to investment further in projects utilizing earned SEED tokens.”

For Sesameseed itself, this is the point of interest:

“Sesameseed will seek to obtain equity or other benefits in the projects it funds to sustain community growth, and improve the Tron Network.”

While the points of interest of the different entities associated with the program are different, the project itself benefits and grows with more and more people involved in it. TRON Foundation is leaving no stones unturned in making the best out of the products it has in store for the people.

The community as well helps in promoting the various products and programs of the foundation by tweeting about it regularly and getting involved in all of the campaigns built around the various products and programs. All in all, the future of the foundation and its products looks good.

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