TRON Reveals Plans to Fight Corporate Greed, TRX Prices Rise
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TRON Reveals Plans to Fight Corporate Greed – TRX Prices Rise

TRON Foundation has revealed a new mission statement which has been sent to all employees in the US and China.

Justin Sun, the founder, and CEO of TRON Foundation spoke about how the internet was decentralized by saying:

“The Internet was decentralized when it was first created. Since Web 1.0 in the 80s, we believed that Internet services should be built upon an open protocol shared by the web community. Since then, we’ve created open protocol standards like TCP/IP and HTTP. The World Wide Web has become a cornerstone of the entire Information Age and a basic service that we’ve come to depend on.”

He then talked about how BitTorrent was an “outstanding achievement” from that era of decentralization:

“BitTorrent was one of the most outstanding achievements during the height of the decentralization era. These achievements inspired people to imagine a world where a decentralized web was a permanent fixture. But reality hit soon enough.”

Then he talked about the web created for companies which revolved around profits:

“Web 2.0, which was from the mid-2000s to 2011, profit-focused tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix started to create applications and services that overtook open protocols. These large corporations were all about profitability and monopolizing the market, and appealing to Wall Street as their primary capital market. The Internet was becoming centralized, just like the way Rome transitioned from a democratic society to an empire.”

Finally, he talked about the current generation of the web which is dominated by mobile apps and smartphones:

Web 3.0, 2012 to present. This era is all about mobility, dominated by smartphones and mobile apps, which exacerbated the centralized governance structure of Web 2.0. Billions of users around the world were more or less forced into a more complex and centralized internet structure. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix became hugely successful in this new wave. Just last week, Apple’s market cap hit 1 trillion.

He then talked about a new decentralized internet, Web 4.0 which TRON would bring around. He said:

“In order to address the issues brought by the centralized Internet, the solution will have to be decentralized. We will address all of these issues in Web 4.0 and create a better Internet for this era: a decentralized, mass-collaborative Internet governed by the community, with highly effective, available, and convenient Internet apps and services. From this perspective, the revolution of blockchain technologies is going beyond the blockchain industry, bringing about ground-breaking changes to the infrastructure of the entire Internet.”

He then laid down the strategy to improve the decentralized internet infrastructure existing right now and to explore the opportunities of DApp layer and protocol layer development:

1. We will develop the TRON Protocol and make sure it grows to be the largest and the most dynamic blockchain protocol in the world.
2. We will develop the BitTorrent Protocol and its applications to guarantee BitTorrent’s dominance in global decentralized content distribution. We will also work to optimize the BitTorrent Protocol with blockchain technology.
3. We will explore and develop other decentralized Internet protocols, in areas such as decentralized storage and cloud computing.
4. We will develop a series of decentralized apps based on decentralized protocols so that everyone in the world can enjoy decentralized Internet services.

The TRX price chart has been showing an upward trend since then.

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