TRON-based Music Platform MusicCasper Finalizes Slogan
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TRON-based Music Platform MusicCasper Finalizes Slogan

In a recent tweet, MusicCasper (MC) announced the much-awaited slogan chosen by the Casper community.

The MusicCasper platform is a decentralized global music platform with a plethora of genres. It is built on the TRON network and hence derives its speed using the platform. As of now, the platform is in its early stages and is scheduled to go live in the spring of the next year.

MC uses blockchain technology for creating a seamless connection between the listeners and the creators of music. In this process, it aims to create a unified, transparent, and decentralized database portal.

The artists would be expected to upload their original works on to the portal and as soon as they do, all of the users present on the platform would be able to access the piece of music created by the artist. This eradicates the tedious process of registering copyrights or signing deals with record labels to receive payment whenever people listen to or use the artist’s music—something that has troubled artists for a long time.

With the help of blockchain, payments of royalties will be enforced in a more effective way since the smart contracts would come into the picture reducing issues related to humans. As the team puts it:

“It is the mission of MC to bring the control and power back to the artist, regardless of whether your content is downloaded or streamed, the value to access it should be set by the creator.”

The payments made on the platform would be in TRON (TRX) of which 95 percent would be awarded to the artist, 2.5 percent would be permanently burned, and 2.5 percent would be utilized in maintaining the platform.

Upon publishing original musical content on the platform, it goes to your repository where it is stored. You would then be asked to set a rate for downloading and streaming your content. This is where you can set a rate for licensing the content to other people for it to be used commercially.

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Of recently, TRON Foundation has been gaining a lot of momentum. Last week, Sesameseed’s SEEDgerminator had been launched. The project means a lot to everyone. For TRON Foundation, the project can be seen as:

“A sustainable and effective investment strategy, driven by the Tron community to fast track projects that will utilize the Tron network.”

On the other hand, developers would see the project as:

“Access to the Sesameseed developer fund and a platform to campaign projects to the Tron community that will utilize them. Approved projects may propose to seek additional community investment in the form of SEED tokens, directly from Sesameseed members.”

Further, the project has a different meaning for the community:

“Sesameseed members may vote monthly on the use of the Sesameseed developer fund. Funded projects will be encouraged to engage with members through airdrop’s, early access programs, etc. Community members may choose to investment further in projects utilizing earned SEED tokens.”

Lastly, for Sesameseed itself, the project holds some value quite different from the others:

“Sesameseed will seek to obtain equity or other benefits in the projects it funds to sustain community growth, and improve the Tron Network.”

As a community-built organization, Sesameseed has been very transparent thus far in distributing 80 percent of the TRX rewards to the community members who go ahead and vote.

The project would act as an accelerator for the developers who want to create DApps, tokens, and technology using the TRON network. It can also be considered a crowd-sourced venture capital program wherein projects can get access to the 10 percent of the TRON node rewards that Sesameseed produces by community voting.

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