TRON (TRX) to be Listed on MBAex Soon
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TRON (TRX) to be Listed on MBAex Soon

According to a recent tweet by Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, TRON (TRX) would be listed on MBAex on December 6 for deposits and on December 7 for trading.

The available trading pairs on the exchange would be TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT, and TRX/MDP.

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Team Tronics, the largest community team of the cryptocurrency, recently launched its community support plan.

In an official Medium article pertaining to the announcement, the team said:

“First and foremost, we believe that for any plan to be effective the community must feel it has a voice. It’s our mission to build and maintain a platform that gives all members an equal voice. Every member of the Tronics community will have the ability to suggest, vote, and participate in Tronics supported projects. TRON has developed one of the industry’s leading blockchain environments, and with that, we feel it is our responsibility to build an ecosystem alongside this environment that facilitates a fluidity to its users greater than what has been seen before. It is our goal to become a liaison between the core technology within TRON’s network and community-driven efforts to expand on this technology helping both TRON and its technology flourish.”

About the ethics of the votes, the team said:

“As the community SR to lead the way on not buying votes via airdropping TRX to voters, we have structured our new community focused support plan around growing the value of TRON and TRX by engaging with its global community activities and programs. We will lead by example, continuing to stand strong in our beliefs and will work with all SRs, the community and TRON to help educate why it is wrong to buy votes. We strongly believe that although the main role of an SR is to secure and maintain the TRON network, we must also contribute to its growth, development and moral standing.”

Talking about their plans for the community rewards, the team said:

“‘Team Tronics’ will allocate TRX (from earned block rewards) for rewarding the community. We have deemed certain allocations to be a priority for the growth of TRON and to help its technology to move forward. These deemed allocations are an overview and will be organically grown from the participation and feedback within the community. We believe in a single movement, unity in support and consensus of reward.”

Moving on to speaking about the Academy:

“Education rewards can be earned by creating courses or classes to be included in the BLOCKS Academy platform the team is currently developing.
We will launch the Academy, where members will learn and build on their knowledge of Tron’s blockchain technology, by studying material deemed crucial in the understanding and application of creating and expanding upon blockchain technology in general. The content included in the academy will be made up from all aspect of ‘TRON’ and blockchain in general.”

Adding to it, the team said:

“We feel that the best content will come from those passionate about TRON, so we want all community members to participate and submit their material. We will accept any content that is submitted, but all content will be reviewed by the team for its level of accuracy and relevance. If it is shown to be usable on the platform, we will reward the creator with TRX rewards.
A full list of priority content that needs to be created will be advertised on our website. Required content on the list will carry a premium reward amount and it will be shown next to the title of the material we are asking for.”

Talking about another educational initiative of theirs, Code School, they said:

“Code School will be for the new and seasoned coders/techies amongst us, Team Tronics “Tech Team” will set tasks and objectives for members to follow and complete. The future of Tron needs to be passed on to people that have the skills, passion, and determination to make it become the world community project it deserves to be.”

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