TRON (TRX) gears up for Mainnet Upgrade due to finish on August 30
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TRON (TRX) gears up for Mainnet Upgrade due to finish on August 30

TRON (TRX) would be completing the upgrade of its Mainnet and would be launching the final version of its Virtual Machine, the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) which had its beta version launched back in June 2018.

Upgrading the Mainnet would help the TRON Foundation to improve the efficiency of the TRON platform. Details for the same were revealed in an open letter dated July 30 from Justin Sun, the Founder, and CEO of TRON Foundation. He had also mentioned the details in an interview with Crypto Lark.

In the open letter, the TRON founder mentioned that the TRON Mainnet was activated on June 25:

“TRON MainNet was activated by TRON Independent Group on June 25th, SGT. Currently, 15 of the first 27 Genesis Representatives are replaced by 15 community Super Representatives (Team Tronics, Skypeople, Sesameseed, GryptoGirls, TrxDexCom, CryptoGuyInZA, ,, CryptoDiva, Justin Sun, uTorrent, CryptoChain, TronOne, MLG-Global, BitTorrent, Lianjinshu). During this election, we had more than 70 participating SR candidates, reflecting the democratic and autonomous nature of TRON community.”

He mentioned that the Mainnet has been running smoothly, reaching a block height of 1,009,319 on July 30, along with 49,518 transactions—the highest number of single day transactions, 367 global nodes and a total number of 75,206 account addresses.

Sun then went ahead and talked about the TVM:

“The official version of TVM, which will be launched on August 30th, is going to be more stable, more secure and equipped with optimized compile and instruction set. The ecosystem, including development tools, developing teams and game engine development, will eventually bring about a more efficient and more user-friendly virtual machine with higher performance.”

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In a recent announcement by TRON Foundation, it was announced that, which the company acquired recently, and TheLastMe platform would be running for the Super Representative Elections.

TheLastMe announced on the TRONSR website:

“Friends of the TRON community, TheLastMe has officially announced that it will run for the TRON Super Representative.
TheLastMe is hoping to leverage the blockchain technology to build an application scenario that can integrate games, and help cryptocurrency to generate landing services. We are helping to promote the rapid adoption of blockchain technology with recreational methods. We have been paying attention to the development of TRON, and have already become an industry leader in many aspects. As far as application development goes, we will be able to play a very important role in helping TRON with landing applications.
Finally, we sincerely hope that TheLastMe will be elected as a super node of TRON. We will contribute to the TRON community, as well as to the large-scale application of the blockchain technology.”

Justin Sun had tweeted about it as well.

The announcement by went something like:

“Hello everyone, has officially announced that it will run for the TRON Super Representative. strives to become the “Google” in the blockchain industry, providing users with one-stop services such as block queries, news browsing, and big data analytics.
Finally, we sincerely hope that will be elected as a super node of TRON. This will benefit the long-term development of the TRON ecology, and will help enrich the global ecosystem of the TRON network.”

Sun had tweeted about running for TRON Super Representative Elections on August 17.

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