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TRON (TRX) shows Significant Growth as MainNet Accounts Surpass EOS
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TRON (TRX) shows Significant Growth as MainNet Accounts Surpass EOS

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, the Founder, and CEO of TRON Foundation announced to his followers that TRX’s MainNet has surpassed EOS in terms of the number of accounts on the blockchain.

According to the reports by and, the number of accounts that the TRON MainNet has is 301604 while the number of accounts on the EOS MainNet is 299743.

TRON Foundation had released Odyssey 3.0 not too long ago along with the TRON Virtual Machine when the MainNet was launched. TVM is designed in such a way that it is compatible with Ethereum. For developers, this is very useful since they can now port the Ethereum DApps they’ve developed onto TRON without having to make time-consuming modifications in the code.

According to the foundation, TVM also reduces the physical memory which is required by the systems to run DApps. It promises better scalability than Ethereum, claiming that the network would not get bogged down easily when popular apps make their debut on the network. On their official Medium blog, the team said:

“Tron has always attached great importance to building the infrastructure for the Tron ecosystem. Since the release of the TVM beta version, the Tron team has been conducting tests and debugging for the security and stability of the TVM, as well as optimization for the compiler and the instruction set. Currently, the TVM official version integrates better developers’ tools, developer team building and game engine construction, which creates a VM system with higher performance, better ecosystem and easier operation.”

During the live stream event for the TRON Virtual Machine, director of TRON Protocol BU US, Cong Li said:

“It’s my great honor being here updating the community what we have achieved during the past month and ongoing work. Thanks for being here connecting with us. A little bit of introduction to our office again, as in the video you just see, it is located in San Francisco top business district on Howard Street. There are around 70 people, including storage BU, as known as BitTorrent Tron acquired a few months ago and Protocol BU who are working mainly on Blockchain ecosystem. Both BUs have been expanding aggressively recently. To achieve our goal, we need much more effort to build a healthy & robust global ecosystem, where Tron itself is only a small part. The most important part of the system is actually you, the community. We have been thinking and practicing how Tron may play its best in the system.”

With the TVM and the MainNet launch, the team has been very excited. This can be clearly seen by their enthusiasm on the live stream.

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As per a recent tweet by Justin Sun, TRON (TRX) completed its token sale on September 4, 2017. Today, the cryptocurrency has turned 1, and the community is very enthusiastic about it.

To celebrate the cryptocurrency’s birthday, many supporters are printing out TRON merchandises and are posting about them on the social media channels. A few days ago, Sun had tweeted that the foundation has shared the PSD materials for making merchandises pertaining to the cryptocurrency.

Using this PSD, followers of the cryptocurrency can make their own TRX merchandises such as handbags, t-shirts, notebooks, commemorative coins, etc. The main idea behind it is for the cryptocurrency to be more visible to the TRONICS—a name given to the supporters of the cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency has come a long way from where it began. In fact, the cryptocurrency is priced at more than ten times its original price right now.

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