TRON CEO Justin Sun Nears a Million Followers
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TRON CEO Justin Sun Nears a Million Followers

TRON Founder and CEO, Justin Sun, recently tweeted that he is close to having a million followers.

Not too long ago, Sun had tweeted that he has a surprise for everyone which he would reveal when his follower count hits 1 million.

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Both Justin Sun, and TRON (TRX) have been growing in terms of popularity. In fact, less than a week ago, Justin Sun had tweeted that the TRON MainNet accounts have surpassed EOS.

Days after the MainNet launch, the network is growing rapidly. It isn’t just the network which is growing so rapidly, but also the Super Representatives. For instance, uTorrent has come up with a new product called the uTorrent Web. If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because this product has been in the beta stage for years!

Cory Keller, a Product Designer on the uTorrent Web team explains the product by saying:

“uTorrent Web is a browser-based torrent client that we’re developing—right now just for Windows, but we have Mac plans in works. You can search for and play from torrent files or magnet links while they download without having to leave your browser and dig through your files or other apps. Even though you can play stuff near instantly, as it downloads, it saves every file locally for you to use as you please—and you can download any file type, media or not, to a folder of your choice.”

He then added:

“We also understand the threat of malware and open internet and one cool thing that we’ve done with uTorrent Web is to partner with Adaware—a security company that makes a browser extension for Chrome and Opera called Browser Safety. When you search for a torrent, the extension pops into action. It scans the search results for malware and prevents potentially harmful sites from ever loading into your browser. By having the results load into the extension, just click play on the link of your choice and uTorrent Web would download the torrent and play it without you ever having to visit a single website.”

He explained how the team felt the need for launching a product such as this by saying:

“It’s the streaming age, and here, at BitTorrent, we understand that nobody wants to wait for the progress bar to hit a hundred percent before they can hit play, and watch or listen to something.”

TRON (TRX) itself has been making a great deal of advancement as well. Recently, Binance announced that it would be giving away 1 million TRX tokens in a TRX trading competition. The eligibility criteria for the competition is pretty simple:

1) Have a trading volume of at least 300,000 TRX (buys + sells) during the competition period.
2) Complete identity verification (level 2 verification)

According to the official notice posted on the official website of Binance, the prize pool of 1 million TRX tokens would be split evenly between all of the traders who qualify for winning the TRX tokens. For ensuring that the process of picking winners for the prize pool, it has been decided that the traders who rank in numbers which end with 6 (such as 26, 36 and the likes) would be the ones among which the total prize pool would be distributed.

The competition would last till September 13th, so get your trading hats on and win all of those TRX tokens that you’ve been waiting for. For making the transactions more economical while trading, you could use BNB tokens which would help you get a 25 percent discount on the total trading fees.

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