TRON-powered Intergalactic Gaming Partners with TronWalletMe
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TRON-powered Intergalactic Gaming Partners with TronWalletMe

In a recent tweet, Intergalactic Gaming (IGG) announced that it would be partnering with TronWalletMe for various reasons.

TronWalletMe is a fully decentralized P2P crypto wallet which has been developed specifically for the ecosystem of TRON. The wallet currently has more than 12,000 downloads and 10,000 active users. They are working on a multitude of ideas such as a business version for the corporates, a P2P exchange, an implementation of smart contracts, and among others, cashback programs utilizing TWX utility tokens.

The partnership with TronWalletMe would help IGG in many ways. As they mentioned in their official Medium blog, the opportunities provided to both the parties are:

“1. The first step of our partnership will entail verification of the IGG TRC-20 Token on the Wallet. This will provide us a blue badge along with Tron (TRX) and TWX (TWM’s native token).
2. We would also be pushed to the top of the list within the ‘Participate’ Section of the App.”

The updates would be live over the next few days and would be announced once completely live and rolled out across the various app stores. This verification is expected to help the IG project in gaining more credibility and exposure.

IG expresses its excitement regarding the project by saying:

“We are extremely excited with this partnership. Using TWM’s existing infrastructure, it could make for an even exciting partnership as we integrate our partner fully within our ecosystem. We are excited to reveal our plans with our new partner over the coming weeks. Believe us, they have exciting plans and this partnership will push us closer to the promised land of adopting Esports onto the Tron protocol.”

The download links, as well as all related links, can be found in the official Medium blog announcing the new partnership.

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Recently TRON Foundation announced that Sesameseed’s SEEDgerminator has been released. The details about SEEDgerminator had been released a long while back on June 21, this year. However, it wasn’t scheduled to be released up until much recently.

It is an ambitious program which means a lot to the team. And it isn’t only to the team that the program means something. The program has a lot in store for everyone and so here’s what the team said it would mean for different entities involved in the program:

This is what TRON Foundation can find for itself in the program:

“A sustainable and effective investment strategy, driven by the Tron community to fast track projects that will utilize the Tron network.”

For the developers, this is what they can find in the program:

“Access to the Sesameseed developer fund and a platform to campaign projects to the Tron community that will utilize them. Approved projects may propose to seek additional community investment in the form of SEED tokens, directly from Sesameseed members.”

This is what the program has in store for the community:

“Sesameseed members may vote monthly on the use of the Sesameseed developer fund. Funded projects will be encouraged to engage with members through airdrop’s, early access programs, etc. Community members may choose to investment further in projects utilizing earned SEED tokens.”

For Sesameseed itself, this is what the program comes down to:

“Sesameseed will seek to obtain equity or other benefits in the projects it funds to sustain community growth, and improve the Tron Network.”

The developers and projects interested in getting funding can always contact the team at

TRON Foundation is pushing TRON (TRX) forward as much as it can—and is doing a great job at it.

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