TRON (TRX) Shows Promising Gains After niTROn Summit 2019
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TRON (TRX) Shows Promising Gains After niTROn Summit 2019

After the recent niTROn Summit 2019, TRON (TRX) has shown some really promising gains owing to the exciting announcements made in the event.

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, opened the event with words of encouragement for the attendees. The main highlight of the first day, though, was Marcus Zhao’s report on the latest developments and future plans for the cryptocurrency network. Zhao is the Head of the TRON public chain. After bringing the attendees on the same page regarding the developments future plans, Zhao assured the attendees that the network cares about the feedbacks given to them by the community saying that TRON will “will listen to the community to achieve the decentralization of developing team and attract more developers to join us.”

Li Cong, the head of the TRON developer community talked about how the network is helping developers jump on their “blockchain journeys.” According to him, TRON is not only a protocol but is also a platform and ecosystem. With 145 DApps, and more than 3,000 developers, the network, he said, would soon surpass EOS in all regards.

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According to Sun, there would be more than 2000 DApps in the market in 2019. The network has always been pretty welcoming of DApps. Back when Ethereum’s hardfork coordinator, Afri Schoedon, cautioned Ethereum developers from deploying DApps on the cryptocurrency’s network due to its exhausting capacity, Sun was quick to respond with an invitation for the developers to deploy their DApps on the TRON network.

Jabbing at Ethereum time and again, Sun talked about how the TRX network is always open for them and how the network intends to create a better ecosystem for DApp developers on the network regardless of which platform they’re migrating from.

At the time of writing this article, TRX was trading at 0.025077 USD, a 2.11 percent raise in 24 hours.

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