TRON (TRX) Daily Transaction Hits 901,408!
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TRON (TRX) Daily Transaction Hits 901,408!

According to the statistics present on the TRON Blockchain Explorer (Tronscan), TRX saw 901,408 transactions yesterday!

TRON has surpassed Ethereum by achieving this feat. It has been just four months since the Mainnet went live and the network is already showing such promising numbers.

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A recent tweet by Drew Wise from Team Tronics shows how the network is growing rapidly:

The POS system mentioned in the tweet, POPPY, had its team member Julian go live on YouTube to explain  TronCard distribution and the process of token creation.

Starting with the process of token creation, he said:

“We are going to be issuing a TRX20 token. This is a little bit different from TRON basic tokens like most of you are familiar with. Most of us are used to interacting with basic tokens such as SEED, or the EGG token. Things like that, those are TRON basic tokens. The features associated with those are they’re relatively simple and easy to issue. However, they’re not divisible, which means that basically, they can only be utilized in whole units or units of one that can’t be fractionalized. Currently, they do not interface with smart contracts although there is some future development that is going to be coming along with that.”

Speaking about TRX20 tokens, he says:

“Where this token is going to shine is really its utility as a TRX20. It will be divisible, it is going to be utilizing smart contracts right from the beginning. And in that way, we can start to enable some very unique features and unique utilities alongside this. We have a lot planned as far as how vendors are going to be utilizing this token, how original contributors such as many of yourselves are going to be able to utilize this token as well as some of the unique dividends and incentives that are going to be coming along with it.”

Moving on to TronCard, he says:

“As a lot of you are aware, the TronCard was kind of pushed forward as a bit of an incentive for those that did contribute 10,000 or more GTRX or SEED equivalent. So those who receiving 10,000 POPPY tokens are going to receive a complimentary TronCard. They’re also going to be a part of the beta launch of this which means that we will be seeking some additional feedback and insight from those that do receive the card. Previously, I mentioned there were about 200 that did qualify for the program and so they are going to be the first to receive it.”

About its distribution, Julian said:

“Regarding distribution, this is kind of a tricky one because we are seeking to provide these cards to all of you in the most anonymous fashion possible and the best way we can see to do that is going to be by issuing a token for each of you. So the way that we see this working today is we’re going to be issuing a token and sending this out to everybody that did qualify for the TronCard. You’re going to be actually sending that token back to us with an email address associated with your account. I would advise that you use an email address that maybe is not personal, is a temporary one so that we can provide you with some additional detail in private. In this way, we can ensure that there’s no formal registration. We don’t have to know exactly who the individual is to distribute the card.”

Explaining the process in depth, he said:

“We’re going to be sending you a TronCard redemption token and we’re going to be asking that you send that token back to us. When you do that, you can actually add a note to the section of the token on Tronscan. There’s a note section at the bottom I believe on most wallets, you’ll see the same, and in that note section, we’re going to have to ask you provide us an email address to contact you with. When we contact you back, we’re going to be providing you a unique redemption code which is going to be accessible on to and you’re going to be able to go on to Amazon and actually purchase the card there with that code and it’ll be free of charge, it’ll be distributed or sent to whichever address you choose and that’s going to be how we distribute the cards anonymously.”

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