TRON-based TronWallet Announces Revenue Model
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TRON-based TronWallet Announces Revenue Model

TronWallet, the TRON-based digital currency wallet officially announced its revenue model in a recent Medium article.

The article starts with the team discusses how the community reacted to the fee model they released back in November last year. Moving on to the need for a new model, the team said:

“As things on Tron evolved and TronWallet started to scale to the current 54K users at the time of writing, the demand for improvements and particularly new features in addition to the technical complexity and time requirements to implement fees in the code has led to the review of our business model and the transition to a new model and revenue share plan.”

The article then talks about the sources of income for TronWallet—TronWallet ecosystem, token issuers, TRON Super Representatives, and DApp publishers. Discussing the experiments and validations the team did to create this model, the team came up with four use-cases.

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The first of these cases was TronWallet Flash Sales. Talking about TWFS, the team said:

“TronWallet Flash Sales are a huge success during the weekends. In addition to our own TWLT flash-sales, during January, TronWallet operated a partner token 3-day flash-sale with a mix of preparation/coaching, push notifications, Participate listing + token loading, token sales on TronWallet, in-channel dioBot sales alerts.”

This helped them increase partner telegram channel members from 400 to more than 1400 with token sales exceeding 5 million TRX. They even received 250,000 TRX for this very combination of services. Moving on to DApps listing, the article said:

“Also in January, during niTRON event, the new Dapp Browser was released with some Dapps featured: TRONbet, TronVegas, FlappyBird, TRONdice among others. We tested several Referral programs: When TronWallet users launch these Dapps, a referral program is activated and we receive a share of the Dapp usage.”

Adding to it:

“These Dapps, through affiliate programs, generate a revenue stream of 1.5m TRX in the first 30 days of operation. Other Dapps reward Dividend tokens such as dice, AB, WIN among other, which when staked create dividends.”

Moving on to the third use case—token listing:

“We have received over 40 requests to add tokens to Participate section on TronWallet as it is demonstrated that a listed token on TronWallet outsells a non-TronWallet listed token. In addition, Featured/Sponsored tokens outsell non-featured tokens by 4x. On March 1st we will introduce a semi-automated Listing process form whereby token issuers can fill a form, choose regular or Sponsored Participate, provide required information and deposit the TWX for their one-month listing. Participate or Sponsored listing does NOT imply Verification or endorsement in any way from TronWallet.”

Moving on to the last use case—TRON Super Representatives, the team said:

“TronWallet currently provides voting counts for two SR’s — in addition to TronWallet SR. We have provided these for no charge to help the community but from March we will explore alternatives as it adds a lot of value and greatly simplifies the operation of any SR by leveraging our reliable blockchain operation.”

The new model focuses on the following:

“Dex fees will apply for TronWallet native Dex (Exchanges as a Dapp charge their own fees) — TWLT holders are exempt from trading fees on TronWallet native Dexes
Atomic Swaps fees will apply — TWLT holders are exempt.
Revenue Sharing — TronWallet will share 50% of TronWallet Revenue among TWX and TWLT holders. This 50% is taken from income in TRX and income in TWX”

TronWallet would be sharing TWX and TRX incomes with the revenue share payouts airdropped every month to TWX and TWLT holders.

The team also said:

“TWLT holders will participate in this share in a proportion of 300,000 TWX per each TWLT held. In other words, each TWLT represents 300,000 TWX for the purpose of revenue share.”

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