TRON Interested in Partnership with SatoWallet
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TRON Interested in Partnership with SatoWallet

On their official Twitter account, the Tron foundation announced that they would like to enter into a partnership with SatoWallet. This partnership will be another energizer to Tron’s rapid growth. The news came just a day before the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine.

The tweet is as follows,

Let’s  do it, @SatoWallet #TRON #TRX $TRX

@Jlleon06 responded to this,

Tron aims to be the largest operating system for decentralized applications and will build the infrastructure for a decentralized internet.

@TechyDostAlok tweeted,

Soon Tron will be everywhere…
One of the most potential Project & Coin…
Keep it up @justinsuntron

@mryeayea28 tweeted

I use @SatoWallet and hold a tiny bit of trx. Itd be nice to have it on sato

@BilyaIbrahimGus tweeted,

Satowallet is the best #Abjcoin #Satowalletng

Tron’s announcement was a retweet and response to Samuel Benedict’s tweet that was putting forth the idea of a Tron collaboration. Samuel Benedict is the CEO of SatoWallet and therefore this interaction over social media could potentially mean something big.

SatoWallet recently entered into a partnership with Changelly. This latest update will allow for swaps between blockchain assets using the Changelly Application Programming Interface. The company also mentioned that users can use the Changelly exchange directly from the SatoWallet platform.

Some of the twitter response to the Challengy partnership is,

@Decrypted tweeted,

I still didn’t receive any response from the support about total missing of Bitcoins from my Satowallet. Why the trades were cancelled many hours after completion? I have negative bitcoin balance !! how is that even possible ??”

@JustinSunTron tweeted about Tron’s partnership wth Challengy,

#TRON #TRX is available now for $USD at @Changelly_team Instant Exchange. Users can use the credit card to purchase $TRX directly through it.

Konstantin Gladych, the CEO and co-founder of Tron talked about the partnership with Tron by stating,

We are thrilled to partner with the top-10 cryptocurrency. TRON is a fascinating project that provides the infrastructure for the future of the internet. And the Changelly team is very proud to be part of that.

The partnership of Challengy with both Tron and SatoWallet and the potential of one between Tron and SatoWallet could mean something big for the cryptocurrency industry, as it paves way for a three party collaboration.

SatoWallet is a multi crypto wallet and exchange that is on both Android and iPhone platforms. It provides services such as zero transaction fees, auto coin swap, advanced security and more. Some of the current coins supported include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, XRP, Vertcoin and ZCash among others.

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