Tron (TRX) Price Weekly Update: Floating over $0.071

Tron (TRX) Price Weekly Update: Floating over $0.071

In the course of recent weeks, the build-up around Tron (TRX), has decreased and it is nowhere near what it was in the long stretch of January, this year. TRX soared high on January 05 at 0.2205 USD. So far it hasn’t been able to reach that level again but remains steady in the range of 0.067 USD to 0.083 USD without much trouble.

A review of Tron (TRX) over the week shows (TRX) at 0.068 USD on May 18 after which it goes slightly uphill and currently stands at 0.071 USD. Tron (TRX) has increased by 0.003 USD over the week and is steadily increasing over the week.

There has been an increase of 0.57 percent in the last 24 hours and TRX faces resistance at 0.071 USD mark. As of now, it stands on the 9th rank with a market cap of 4.6 USD billion.

Another story that is coming forward is that Justin Sun has recently launched a TRX Airdrop for its users. This gift is given in preparation for the launch of the Tron (TRX) MainNet which will be launched in 5 days and 19 hours. Sun has decided to gift the TRX users what he calls ‘Millions of TRX Candies’.  TRX airdrop is being used to welcome friends to the Tron Telegram Channel. The Airdrop is at present ongoing and all you have to do is follow the given link and enter your relating ETH wallet address.

Justin Sun himself tweeted about this. He tweeted:

$TRX #TRON mainnet will be launched soon, we prepared millions of #TRXcandies, join us to get #TRX candies, you can also get more by inviting friends, the airdrop will be ended at 12:00 AM June, 1, if candies were given out, it will be ended in advance.

The given link mentions that you will get 2 TRX the first time and will get 4 more TRX on inviting a friend to join the Tron Telegram Channel.

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