TRON-powered SEEDGerminator gets Another Project
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TRON-powered SEEDGerminator gets Another Project

The TRON Super Representative, Sesameseed recently posted that there is another project, Eggies, open for funding on SEEDGerminator.

As per the SEEDGerminator page of Eggies:

“Eggies is a pro-active game based entirely on blockchain technology. We are creating an interactive game and platform that leverages the unique characteristics of the blockchain for Measuring, In-game translation / Pro-activity, Gameplay and Player Rewards.”

It further continues:

“Eggies will be played by, invested in and evolved through the support of our community. We seek to enrich the gaming experience through the interactive nature of the blockchain. This platform will allow for a truly immersive gaming experience in which real world actions are not only visible on our platform, but on the Tron Blockchain as well.
Eggies will push the barrier of gaming beyond fixed platforms by allowing the community to contribute through the simple exchange of tokens on any Tron wallet or exchange platform.”

For those interested in the gameplay, this is what the whitepaper says about that:

Open world
Gameplay will not require login, simply searching their EGG / Monster by name or address on will show a player’s EGG / Monster.
After receiving one or more EGG token(s) a player receives a real time EGG on Players
will need to “warm” their EGG for 1 week to hatch it. Players will provide warmth by pressing the
warmth button underneath the EGG on the hatching screen until the warmth meter is full. A full
meter gives the EGG 24 hours of warmth.
EGG stats such as Weight, Length, Type, Strength, Weakness, Mood, XP and HP will be maintained in
addition to allowing players to name their EGG.
The Monster
After hatching the EGG, a monster will appear and the second phase of Eggies begins including
Feeding and Play. Players can track their monster status and rank and compare them with others on
the monster page.
To Feed, Protect, Poison or Personalize their monster players can buy items in the store. Some items
will have limited supply to improve the gameplay.
Players can trade or sell your EGGs / Monster to other players. Trading outside the Marketplace can
lead to loss of EGG / Monsters stats.
EGG/Monster Rank
A rank page will be created to show the rank of the Players EGGs / Monsters. Here you can search for
EGGs / Monsters and view / compare stats of other players EGGs / Monsters.
The Gym
At the Gym players can train their monsters abilities and gain XP. Training will be possible in different
classes from small , normal and a big training.
Battle Arena
The place to fight , bet, challenge other players, join clans, start / join a competition and gain XP. All
stats and logs will be available of individual players or groups.
The Park
Players can play and talk to other online players in the park. By playing with your Monster your
monster will gain extra XP and it improves its mood.
Game map
The interactive game map will show the Market, The Park and Ranking page. By clicking an area, a
desired function will show.”

For those interested in earning while gaming, this project is no short of a dream come true.

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Recently TRON Foundation announced that the cryptocurrency would soon be listed on BitBay, the popular crypto exchange platform. And it isn’t just BitBay where the cryptocurrency is making it in the news. Not too long ago, TRON Foundation had announced that the TRX/BNB trading pair is available on Binance, the mega crypto exchange platform.

The cryptocurrency, as well as the network, is seeing a considerable amount of growth.

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