Tron Foundation Launches TronWallet
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Tron Foundation Launches TronWallet

Justin Sun’s TRON Foundation is dedicated to building a truly decentralized internet with improved infrastructure. The team today announced TronWallet which is an open source crypto wallet. GettyIO was rewarded during their programming contest and developed the project. It supports TRX and other tokens on Tron’s mainnet. The client supports multiple platforms that the user can choose to download or access.

TRON Wallet is officially supported by TRON Foundation through Tron Loan and is the recommended wallet for Android. It is a multifunctional wallet for the TRON Network. It gives the user the platform to quickly and easily interact with his/her account or to keep TRX and other account data safe in a cold wallet setup.

It creates a wallet that encrypts private information with a password and creates a private/public key pair. It also creates a 24 words recovery phrase which is a human-readable private key recovery phrase. A user can import wallet with his/her private key or a 24 words recovery phrase or else can import public addresses only (watch only setup).

Wallet Functionalities includes an individual connection (connect to any node like private net), check balance of TRX or other tokens, toggle market price view, check frozen amount, send TRX or any other token, receive using QR code, freeze TRX to get votes and bandwidth, submit votes for representatives, participate in token distributions, offline signing mechanism with QR code scanning and to manually set the node connection. Three types of wallet setups are provided:
1. Watch only Setup
2. Hot Wallet Setup
3. Cold Wallet Setup

The TRON protocol offers scalable and high-availability support that acts as the foundation for all the decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem. It uses an advanced and enhanced DPOS mechanism – TPOS, which puts Odyssey 2.0 leaps and bounds ahead of Ethereum at 2,000 transactions per second. It can also support large-scale dApp deployment on the TRON platform.

TronWallet can be downloaded via TRON website and is available for Android download as well. It will never ask for secret keys. The launch of TronWallet is a celebrated progress for the project!

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