TRON Foundation Announces niTROn Summit
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TRON Foundation Announces niTROn Summit

TRON Foundation recently announced that the niTROn Summit would be held on January 17 and 18, 2019 (PST).

As the foundation describes the event:

“It is a summit for blockchain experts and KOL, as well as the most respected investors to discuss the future of blockchain and current technological progress, inspiring new dynamics in the industry and empowering the development of blockchain.”

Talking about the event further, the team said:

“niTROn Summit provides a platform of communication for a wide range of projects and blockchain practitioners, as well as KOLs from other industries. The summit aims to break down industry barriers, explore potential blockchain solutions, and share our visions of the future with one another.
As TRON’s first blockchain industry summit, niTROn Summit will be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.”

San Francisco is close to  Silicon Valley and is where TRON Foundation’s US office is, making it the perfect location for the event to take place.

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Talking about blockchain technology, the team said:

“Nowadays, blochchain technology has become one of the most discussed topic besides artificial intelligence and big data. It is permeating into every aspect into people’s lives. In the future, blockchain will play a even bigger role in economy, culture, philanthropy, politics, etc, taking the world into the era of “blockchain+”.
As one of the leading companies of blockchain industry, TRON is dedicated to decentralizing the web using ecosystem that is based on community, DApp, wallet, and decentralized exchanges. Meanwhile, TRON provides technical solutions for developers on its network.”

Talking about what would happen in the summit, the team said:

“During the summit, Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, will share TRON’s experience in operation and development, combined with his own understanding of the blockchain industry with the summit attendees. He will also share the latest business development strategy plan, as well as the latest practice of blockchain integration with all industries.
In addition to blockchain practitioners, a heavyweight guest speaker will be invited to the summit, as well as extraordinaires and opinion leaders from all walks of life. Leaders from politics, education, e-commerce and other fields will join the discussions on blockchain development. They will share their investment and wealth management experience from the perspectives of politics, economics and culture.”

Talking about the summit further:

“The niTROn industry summit will last for two days. On Day 2, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the blockchain industry and create an ecosystem covered by the whole sector, TRON will host a forum for developers. The topics being discussed will include SR, public chain research and development, DApp/smart contract development, game engine development, decentralized exchange construction, etc.”

Adding to it:

“In addition, the summit will set up a partner exhibition area, a TRON case exhibition area and a media interview area. Participants will be able to communicate with leaders in the industry and other fields to obtain first-hand industry information and gain an in-depth understanding of industry trends. They will also have the opportunity to expand their business network, acquire the most influential network resources in the blockchain industry, receive technical support and share experience with pioneer blockchain enterprises, and get exposed to the latest industry ecological solutions.”

Judging by how Ripple led Swell 2018 to success, it can very well be assumed that the niTROn Summit 2019 would be a major success because of the efforts of TRON Foundation. The announcement about the event has already created quite a buzz in the cryptocurrency’s community. In forums and on various social media portals, fans of the cryptocurrency are talking about the event and praising the foundation for its efforts.

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