TRON Foundation Announces uTorrent Web
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TRON Foundation Announces uTorrent Web

In a recent tweet, TRON Foundation announced a new product from the BitTorrent and uTorrent teams, uTorrent Web.

According to Cory Keller, a Product Designer on the uTorrent Web team, the team has been working on it for a long while and is now ready to launch. The team believes that the new application would be the next generation of torrenting with uTorrent.

In a YouTube video, he talks about why the new application was needed in the market by saying:

“It’s the streaming age, and here, at BitTorrent, we understand that nobody wants to wait for the progress bar to hit a hundred percent before they can hit play, and watch or listen to something.”

It is true that nobody wants to wait to watch videos. YouTube made it big because of this very reason. People no longer want to sit down and download videos completely and then watch them—nobody has the time for that. Streaming the videos saves a lot of time as well as space on the devices on which the videos are being streamed.

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Once done explaining the reason behind the new application, he goes ahead and explains the application itself:

“uTorrent Web is a browser-based torrent client that we’re developing—right now just for Windows, but we have Mac plans in works. You can search for and play from torrent files or magnet links while they download without having to leave your browser and dig through your files or other apps. Even though you can play stuff near instantly, as it downloads, it saves every file locally for you to use as you please—and you can download any file type, media or not, to a folder of your choice.”

He added further:

“We also understand the threat of malware and open internet and one cool thing that we’ve done with uTorrent Web is to partner with Adaware—a security company that makes a browser extension for Chrome and Opera called Browser Safety. When you search for a torrent, the extension pops into action. It scans the search results for malware and prevents potentially harmful sites from ever loading into your browser. By having the results load into the extension, just click play on the link of your choice and uTorrent Web would download the torrent and play it without you ever having to visit a single website.”

You can download and install uTorrent Web on the official website. The application is available for Windows on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It has been localized into a dozen languages and is growing in popularity. The team expects the growth to continue with the launch and promises to keep releasing new features in the application as they are developed.

While a lot of developers would be busy improving the application and adding functionalities to it, uTorrent Classic would not be forsaken. There would still be a great deal of development on it, and the team would keep releasing new updates for that as well.

The application has been in its beta stage for years, and it hasn’t been until now that the team felt like it was ready to be launched. As always, the team is open for feedback regarding the experiences users have while they use the app.

As far as TRON (TRX) is concerned, it is currently floating at 0.023864 USD, down from a high of 0.27041 USD which the cryptocurrency saw this Saturday. The current market cap of the cryptocurrency is 1,568,983,464 USD.

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