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Tron Supporting Exchanges Divided Into 3 Categories

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron Foundation has been making announcements about the cryptocurrency one after the other. From the BitTorrent acquisition to the dig made at Ethereum, Sun has covered a lot. The foundation also announced that the Tron MainNet migration is running smoothly. Currently, there are 351 nodes with the block height being 9,294,675.

With the Tron Virtual Machine Launch soon and a surprise announcement as well, the foundation has released a list of Tron exchanges.

These exchanges have been divided into three categories. First is the exchanges supporting TRX migration permanently. Second, the exchanges which have resumed the withdrawal and deposit of the token. These exchanges include Bitfinex, HitBTC, Bitbns ,Coinnest ,Freewallet , Tokenomy , Upbit , etc. Finally, the exchanges that are yet to complete the migration of the token. These include 58coin, Bithumb , CEO, OpenLedger and others.

The Tron community has been waiting for the secret launch since the Main Net Launch. According to Sun, the secret project will lead to 100 million active users using the Tron platform. He also added that the secret project will be more significant compared to the Tron Mainnet Launch.

The community was already speculating about the project before its launch. Some people speculated that Tron will be partnering with Alibaba, whereas others speculated that BitTorrent would be at the top of the blockchain. Achmad Rijal, a Tron enthusiast tweeted,

Bittorrent inside Tron blockchain? This will be a great movement on internet tech.

Sandeep Khushwaha said on twitter,

Miss you? Tron sold to Alibaba?

Perogies, a reddit user said,

It will be how they plan to use BitTorrent. Which for me is very exciting. The rumor is there’s also a new partnership announcement that will tie in with their plans for that. We’ll see.

Clearly, the Tron platform has being experiencing a lot of developments and it’s for the industry to see where these developments take the blockchain.

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