TRON Available for Exchange on SimpleSwap
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TRON (TRX) Available for Exchange on SimpleSwap

The legendary coin TRON is now available for exchanges on SimpleSwap.

TRON might surpass XRP by being the best coin for 2018. The future of TRX looks very promising. Tron is very well known because of their flashy marketing strategies but now the technical and organizational aspects also prove significant after the new Main Net launch and the super representative election. Tron’s nodes are multiplying all over the world.

The coin of TRON, called Tronix (TRX) has been on the limelight of crypto space for most of the year. It holds a rank among the top 15 coins and it shows the legendary coin is all set to continue reaching heights. The objective of TRON is to rebuild the web as a decentralized platform that runs over Tron’s blockchain thus taking control over the content.

TRON Foundation posted on its Twitter page as follows:

About SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap aims to make the process of cryptocurrency exchange simple, safe and comfortable. The exchange offers a limitless exchange of more than 100 coins. They ensure listing new coins which appear in the market. The process of exchanging cryptocurrency becomes simple just like a daily shopping trip because of the continuous endeavors of the team.

Cryptocurrency and virtual assets are highly experimental and risky. The conversion service of SimpleSwap attempts to provide accurate price and exchange rate information. The information, being highly volatile, can change quickly without users necessarily being aware of the changes.

The platform doesn’t have limits for cryptocurrency exchanges. But the network fee (a commission that a blockchain takes from the amount of coins sent in each currency) is charged by the blockchain for the transaction to be performed and so the amount sent must be sufficient to cover all the network fees.

The time for coin exchange varies from about 5 – 60 minutes. The processing speed depends on how long it takes for a block to happen in the network. Most exchanges take place in just a few minutes.

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