Tron (TRX) is all set to Decentralize the Web and Revolutionize the Crypto Space

Tron (TRX) is all set to Decentralize the Web and Revolutionize the Crypto Space

Tron (TRX) has been trending for many days. From the launch of TronWallet, a visit by Twitter, to the idea to decentralize the web, Tron (TRX) is set to make a revolution here.

At the time of writing this, Tron (TRX) is valued at $0.036670 and has a market capitalization of $2,411,009,553 USD. The virtual currency is trending because of its recent activities. Not only this, Tron (TRX) stands out as being the number one currency out of the top ten cryptocurrencies on Twitter. The other currencies are BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, ADA, EOS, XVG, TC, DGB etc.

The CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, is making sure that Tron is on a right path to mass adoption. Tron (TRX) is trending on Twitter because of its goal to transit the world to a decentralized world. There were several reports that claimed that Tron has purchased BitTorrent for $140 million USD.

The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron is a major step by the platform to decentralize the world and change the entertainment industry once and for all. Tron wants to create its own free content platform by making use of its blockchain technology.

For the past years, the content can be shared for entertainment purpose only by platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Stream, etc. The acquisition of BitTorrent by Tron is also a step forward in its goals to decentralize the world. Users can expect a revolution in the entertainment industry soon.

Another good news is that major exchanges like BitFinex, Binance, and CoinEgg, have resumed the deposit and withdrawal of TRX after Tron first moved its tokens from ERC20 to its mainnet tokens.

Tron is a blockchain platform that uses the decentralized technology for content creators to create and share contents. It also enables content creators to own their data without restrictions.

Next stage of the Tron Project will be massive adoption, once the Tron Virtual Machine and Tron Mainnet are adopted by Smart Contract developers. The mass adoption includes the preference for the Tron Network for DApps and ICOs as well as the concept of decentralizing the web which is yet to materialize.

The Problems faced by Tron (TRX)

The ambitious coin has been listed in many exchanges but has been recording an average daily transaction of about 10,000, compared to 500,000 daily transactions of Ethereum. TRON (TRX) route to market could be contributing to its price movement in the market but currently, investors’ focus on TRX and adoption levels have been stagnant.

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