Tron Employee Encourages People to Recognize the Company’s Culture

Tron Employee Encourages People to Recognize the Company’s Culture

Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, is outspoken both about his coin and his views on what’s happening in the cryptocurrency industry. It also seems like the employees are highly satisfied by the company culture. Rovak, a Tron employee tweeted and wrote an open letter about the work culture at Tron. He said,

During my time in the Tron office, I have been very impressed by the work ethic. Most of them work from 10 to 10 every day.

He said that most of the employees have a positive and enthusiastic mood despite working 12 hours a day. He added,

We had lunch and dinner every day at nearby restaurants which was being paid by the company.I only talked with Justin about some of the projects I was working on and he seemed to be genuinely interested and willing to listen.

This shows that Sun is not all words, but action too, and willing to engage with his employees and their work with interest.

Rovak also wrote in the letter that after he showed Sun the payment system, he immediately called the marketing/product team for a demo. Sun also offered Rovak a few minutes in the live stream show and said that he gave him the complete freedom without rules or suggestions and let him use his own creativity.

He also commented on Justin Sun’s dedication to his work and said that Sun has a bed in his office and stays there when the deadlines are approaching or there is a lot of things to be done.

In response to this open letter, a person commented,

Every Tron Investor MUST read the letter below. It’s in 2 parts. THIS is who Justin Sun is. THIS is what he’s all about. THIS is why #Tron is the biggest blockchain in existence, and THIS is why we’ll all be fucking millionaires soon.

Read more about Tron Here.

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