Tron Foundation acquires

Tron Foundation acquires

Tron Foundation announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, stated that is aimed to be a one-stop aggregated data search engine platform. The announcement stated,

It will be a platform that offers big data analysis, project evaluation, information search and other services for users in the blockchain field. Justin also encourages others in the industry to participate and build a platform to help the growth of blockchain industry.

Why does Tron want to use big data?

The foundation believes that by using big data, it will be able to tell and understand what the Tron community wants. It will also help them to understand what the general blockchain community needs during the current and future market conditions.

Users will be able to use the analyzed data to get more information about the different projects in the blockchain industry. will continuously analyze the needs of the blockchain ecosystem and offer suitable solutions.

To use big data, three factors will be very important for Tron. These three factors are the volume, speed and type of information.

In terms of volume, Tron will have to be up to date with the latest happenings on social media, websites and other existing search engines.

After this is ensured, they will have to process the information in the lowest amount of time possible to provide quick and updated information to the users of

The type of information refers to text, images, pdf,video,etc that will be analyzed.

Tron is constantly in the news these days because of its emerging partnerships and developments. It recently announced payments over Twitter using Seedit as well as its acquisition of BitTorrent. One of the main goals of the Tron project is to decentralize the web and its infrastructure. All these developments are steps towards this final goal.

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