TRON announces $20K Incentive Plan
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TRON announces $20K Incentive Plan

TRON Foundation has announced yet another community-driven programme called as the $20K “Incentive” Plan to build collaborative effort in the ecosystem and to keep the community engaged. The announcement was made by Justin Sun, who is the founder of TRON Foundation. The announcement reads as:

The plan is officially initiated to promote rapid development of TRON’s community and the engagement of Tronics. It offers a $20,000 reward to projects similar to TRON’s blockchain browsers and TRON’s current outstanding wallets. The purpose of the plan is to provide funds for the subsequent research and development and to reward the contributions made by the participants to the ecosystem of TRON.

The process involves evaluation of the project by TRON’s product technology committee. Once a project successfully passes the evaluation, the reward will be granted unconditionally and immediately to the respective project. TRON has strong hopes that the project will enhance the ecosystem of the mainnet, create a powerful ecosystem for TRON’s developers and provide a better user experience for Tronics.

The Incentive Plan will be in the form of a direct reward in contrast to an 18-month interest-free convertible bond offered by TRON Accelerator Loan. The incentive plan will eliminate the borrowing process of TRON Accelerator Loan which was a very difficult process and will also eliminate the subsequent cost for improving or maintaining the product. This will result in the production of more outstanding products at a comparatively faster pace. It will also lead to a better realization of the original concept of “accelerating innovation and development”. TRON Accelerator Loan will be discontinued after serving its purpose, following the official announcement made by Justin Sun and the initiation of TRON’s $20,000 Incentive Plan.

TRON has been running the community with an open concept. TRON has committed itself to build a strong decentralized network and it is currently at the tenth rank as per the crypto charts. It has a market cap of $3.1 billion.

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