TRON Acquires CoinPlay
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TRON Acquires CoinPlay

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON Foundation and CEO of BitTorrent, announced that TRON has acquired CoinPlay.

This is the second acquisition from the 11th biggest cryptocurrency in the market. The acquisition may play an important role in deciding where the future of the cryptocurrency as well its position in the market lie.

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In an official Medium article pertaining to the announcement, the team said:

“TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. CoinPlay positions itself as a blockchain application store that aims to offer the most comprehensive, suitable and updated blockchain apps. Currently, popular blockchain apps are often hard to find at conventional app stores, and it is difficult to screen the source for safe download. TRON and CoinPlay shares the same vision: providing better user experience for blockchain practitioners in the industry.”

Adding to it:

“Since the beginning, the TRON ecosystem has achieved tremendous growth and gained significant momentum. One of the biggest progresses is its successful acquisition of BitTorrent and including it into the ecosystem of TRON. With BitTorrent, TRON has become the world’s largest decentralized Internet ecosystem. This latest acquisition of CoinPlay has also enriched TRON, further advancing the development of the blockchain community.”

Talking about CoinPlay, the team said:

“CoinPlay brings together a wide range of blockchain Apps and DApps, providing one-click downloads of a variety of blockchain software and games, as well as practical guides, browser navigation, ratings, and indices of major currencies. In the future, it will support multi-platform multi-currency real-time quotes, multi-platform transaction volume/transaction price, and GitHub query. It not only provides a comprehensive use of graphic tutorials for new users, but also includes high-quality content of the crypto industry, links to more high-quality projects and cryptocurrencies, and has also obtained strategic investment from well-known investment institutions and capitals.”

Justin Sun said:

“TRON recently completed its MainNet upgrade v. 3.5. As a blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem, we will continue focusing on content and entertainment. The recent acquisition of CoinPlay aims to better serve the blockchain industry. The year 2019 will be the year of exponential growth for the TRON ecosystem.”

Commenting on its partnership with Tether, the team said:

“We believe that with a faster, more economic and concrete stablecoin payment experience, more ordinary people will start to pay attention and use DAPPs. In addition, we will offer attractive incentives for early adopters, totalling the equivalent of 100 million RMB, to get existing USDT holders to transition to TRC20-based USDT and advance the potential of decentralized finance.”

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