IOTA Releases Beta of Trinity Desktop Wallet

IOTA Releases Beta of Trinity Desktop Wallet

IOTA foundation has announced the release of the beta version of its highly awaited Trinity Desktop Wallet. This announcement was made on their official Twitter handle and led to a stir of excited responses.

@iotaToken tweeted,

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the public beta release of the Trinity Desktop Wallet! … #iota #trinity #wallet

In response to this, users tweeted,

@ralf the member of the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors wrote,

Kudos to the entire team! This has been long in the making. I’ve been using Trinity Desktop on my Mac for a while and it’s just wonderful!

@GeerinkHanno wrote,

The wallet works incredibly good! Thanks to the whole team!

@Iota_Studios wrote,

It works very smooth. I love the electric theme.

@CryptoDaydream wrote,

All the community was waiting for that release.Well done! I just don’t want to hold money on mobile.

@ChrisGx87 wrote,

Very nice work! Clean and simple UI and 2FA authentication. I seem to have a little problem with the 2FA authentication though, can’t apply my code even after syncing my mobile. Anyone else having this issue? Or anyone knows how to help me out?

On the official Medium blog post, the IOTA team detailed the key features of the desktop wallet. This wallet was initially launched as a mobile one but has now expanded to desktop as well. The post added that the desktop version has been equipped with new features. Despite the new features it will stick to maintaining a familiar flow. Taken from the experience of the beta users of the Trinity Mobile Wallet, they will be launching a new wallet theme for both mobile and desktop and therefore adding to the existing themes. Furthermore, the app has been put through a second round of auditing to ensure its security.

This blog post also details how the Trinity Wallet can be set up. The IOTA tokens are protected using a double password. While setting up the wallet, users are prompted to set up a seed if the user already doesn’t have one. Put simply, a seed is like a user account and Trinity allows users to create multiple seeds. The seed is protected by an auto generated 81 character password. To back up the seed, users can either save it in a seed vault or by writing it down or printing it.

Once the details of the user are secured in the seed, the wallet is open for access to them. The user will also be asked to enter a password for full access to the wallet.

The blog further explains how transactions can be carried out using the Trinity Desktop Wallet. It also mentions that the updated Trinity Roadmap can be found on IOTA’s official trinity website.

After announcing the release of their wallets, IOTA also revealed that the desktop and mobile wallet codes are open sourced. These codes can be found on their GitHub Repository.

The foundation tweeted,

With the release of Trinity Desktop Wallet the complete codebase has been open sourced on the iotaledger GitHub and is awaiting your contributions!

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