Top 5 ICOs to Look out for this Quarter
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Top 5 ICOs to Look out for this Quarter

We have seen a great deal of improvement in the ICO sector this year. After the prices of the cryptocurrencies peaked last year in December, there have been major improvements in the regulations of the ICO sector.

The pace of the improvements has been affected largely by incidents such as cybertheft, market manipulation, and trading halts. Nevertheless, there have been many regulations in the industry which have made the industry a safer place for investors.

It isn’t just the regulations which have made ICOs a better space—the ICOs themselves have done a great job of making the industry better themselves as well. So here are some of the ICOs which you should be looking out for this quarter:

  1. ArtPro (APT)- ArtPro makes buying and selling art over the internet as easy as doodling things out on a piece of paper. With a highly user-friendly platform, it harnesses the benefits that the blockchain technology presents with itself. It instills trust in the art industry—something that has been missing for a long time. While many platforms rely on third-party authenticators, ArtPro uses a consensus mechanism which itself delivers a safe and secure decentralized system. For contemporary artists and private dealers, the platform is the go-to marketplace due to its strong focus on bringing forth emerging talent. It would bring the art world to the masses and would enable just about anyone to find and buy fine art online without paying the excessive fees which the traditional art markets have.
  2. Konkrete (KKT)- As many of you might already know, the global housing affordability crisis is affecting the lives of people all over the world. With the help of Konkrete, the people finding it hard to find money to pay their home deposit can crowdfund it out on the platform. People who wish to release equity from the properties they own can do so as well.
  3. Review.Network (REW)- Trust is the key to a successful platform, but what your platform revolves around the notion of trust? That is just what this platform would be all about. The aim here is to create a “unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform” on AI and blockchain. Review.Network provides a direct communication between the companies and their customers. This helps them in carrying out top-tier market research feedback wherein they don’t even have to go for a mediator. It rewards participants for the valuable feedback that they give as well, thus keeping everyone happy.
  4. Carmel (CARMEL)- Robots taking away your jobs? You wouldn’t lose your job if you were the one making the robots. And that is the main ideal behind Carmel. It is a decentralized education platform imparting education pertaining to the tech industry. Carmel helps people without technical skills to acquire the technical skills which they would need to become Professional Software Developers without having to go for a formal computer science course which would award them a formal degree for the same.
  5. Dataeum (XDT)- Ambitious as it may sound, Dataeum revolves around the idea of making a blockchain-based platform which would collect 100% of the global physical data with 100% accuracy on a global level. Stores, traffic signs, gas stations—nothing is left behind. All of the data is crowdsourced by a distributed workforce of volunteer collectors incentivized in XDT tokens for submitting the physical data.

With such projects making up the ICO scene this quarter, it is only expected to get better and more interesting this quarter. Which of these ICOs are you looking forward to seeing in the market? Let us know in the comments below!

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