Bitcoin (BTC) Takes a Punch from TokenPay (TPAY)
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Bitcoin (BTC) Takes a Punch from TokenPay (TPAY)

TokenPay (TPAY) is on a berating spree. After berating NEO (NEO) and Ripple (XRP), the cryptocurrency used its Twitter handle to say that Bitcoin (BTC) is slow and expensive which makes it bad for ordinary transactions.

Roger Ver tweeted his YouTube video about why Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the real Bitcoin (BTC) saying that people who buy BTC are making a mistake.

To this, TokenPay (TPAY) replied by boasting about its transaction confirmation speed and a stealth mode which it calls “Bitcoin on Steroids.” It went on praise itself saying “TPAY>BCH.”

This made people question the actions of the cryptocurrency. A Twitter user going by the name Craigcoin Cash said that it is “unprofessional when an official coin account compares like this.” to which another Twitter user going by the handle @satoshillN replied asking whether it was fair for Roger Ver to say something like that.

TokenPay has been a formidable cryptocurrency despite being ranked at 123 in the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency tries hard to remain recognized while it amplifies its strength for matching up with the big names in the market.

It claims to be “the world’s most secure coin and payment platform” and maintains a strong competition with some of the cryptocurrencies which have already made for themselves in the market such as Verge (XVG) and Litecoin (LTC) to ensure that it stays in the news.

Using adoption and partnerships as primary weapons against the struggles and obstacles it faces in the crypto space, the cryptocurrency holds nothing back when it comes to promoting itself.

The cryptocurrency acquired 9.9 percent equity in WEG Bank AG on May 9 in a colossal partnership with the German bank. Last week, Bunker 501, the largest airsoft gun dealer in Europe, adopted Tokenpay for payments on its platform.

The international peer-to-peer boat rental platform which offers 12,000 boats and yachts, Boatster, also partnered with TPAY recently. TokenPay continues to stride with achievements while refraining from unnecessary simulations and leap services, unlike many cryptocurrencies in the market.

However, there is no denying that the cryptocurrency is ruthless when it comes to thwarting the cryptocurrencies which it doesn’t admire.

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Bitcoin (BTC) transaction times are high and that is something that everyone dislikes about the cryptocurrency. However, many felt that it was unprofessional of TPAY to go about thwarting BTC and BCH about it.

Holding steady, the BTC price revolved around 6,500 USD today while the altcoins continued to dip further. Considering the volatile conditions that the market witnessed during the end of July and the first few weeks of August, the newfound stability is a sight for sore eyes.

At the time of writing, the price of BTC was 6,455.70 USD. It is expected that the price of BTC would rise considerably if Bitcoin ETF gets approved. Some even claim that the price of BTC would rise as much as it did towards the end of 2017.

However, the managing director of Digital Asset Investment Management, Bryan Courchesne, claims that it wouldn’t get approved. He said:

“I think the ETF does not get approved. One of the reason’s the Winklevoss ETF was denied was because of the SEC’s concern over manipulation in the underlying market. Nothing has changed in the space to curtail that and it is tough to prove that bitcoin markets are resistant to manipulation.”

He claims that if denied, a selloff is a surety. According to him:

“It’s hard to think anything but a selloff would happen if denied. I don’t think it will take the space long to move on from the event and find new optimism and adoption.”

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