“Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur” is locked Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur

Donald Trump Assassination Market Launched On Augur

The recently highly popular decentralized betting platform Augur is now in the news again, however, for a troubling reason. It is reported that the platform is now taking bets on whether or not the United States President, Donald Trump will be assassinated by the end of the year. Augur users...
IOTA's Tangle Faces Transaction Issues

IOTA’s Tangle Faces Transaction Issues

Lewis Freiberg, Head of Ecosystem at IOTA Foundation, had posted an article called 'What’s up with the Tangle?'. He describes the title of the essay as “a common question,” and highlight how such queries “about the state of the Tangle usually stem from the way it is represented in a...

OmiseGo partners with Status

Ethereum community has announced a new partnership. On July 6th, a new partnership between OmiseGo and Status was announced. About the Partnership OmiseGo and Status have a similar vision for the future of the decentralized system. They are building solutions in different categories from one another. The partnership will yield long-term... is Officially Launched
News is Officially Launched is officially launched. Lighthouse is a bitcoin-cash-powered app designed to create and manage a crowdfunding campaign without any middle-men. The app was first showcased by the developer of Bitcoin, Mike Hearn, at the Bitcoin 2014 conference which was held in Amsterdam. He then dropped the idea of the project...