Spokkz Signs Up With Zilliqa [ZIL] To Boost Its Transactions.

Spokkz Signs Up With Zilliqa [ZIL] To Boost Its Transactions.

Spokkz announced yesterday that they have signed up with Zilliqa to boost their transactions. Spokks is a community-powered TV and film Blockchain Ecosystem who vote, fund, view and support media projects.

Zilliqa’s Telegram reads:

“Dear All,

We are happy to share that another 2 applications have announced they will be building on Zilliqa. They are:
1) Community-driven film & TV blockchain ecosystem Spokkz www.spokkz.com which is an initiative by Spuul https://spuul.com, an over-the-top provider of video streaming content in 180 countries with an existing user base of over 57 million users.
2) Bolt http://bolt-token.global – an open entertainment network that aims to revolutionise ways to access content, data and education resources, powered by blockchain technologies.”

Spokkz was started by Spuul which is a leading Singapore based over-the-top [OTT] provider. It has offices in multiple cities like Auckland, Mumbai, Sydney and Dubai. At present, they have more than 60 million users in 180 countries who use a gigantic library of Asian content. On a daily basis, almost 60000 transactions pass through Spuul users’ secure wallets.

Spokkz enables its users to decide what content is suitable for them and the price at which they want to access it in this decentralized ecosystem and marketplace.

At present, the Spuul ecosystem has a safe wallet for fiat currencies, which enables the customers to top-up and accept top-ups from others. In order to accept ERC20-based tokens, Spokzz will be adding blockchain support. With this, they hope to attract people who haven’t subscribed yet and who will be able to use this wallet to participate in the crowdfunding marketplace and for community peer exchanges. The headquarters for Zilliqa and Spokkz are in Singapore.

CEO of Spuul, Subin Subaiahsaid:

“This collaboration is built on the back of an established and rapidly growing business which provide immediate scale to Zilliqa’s ground breaking platform. We believe the consequence will be transformational for our community, our content partners and the blockchain space at large.”

Chairman at Zilliqa, Juzar Motiwalla said:

“Zilliqa was designed with high-throughput and security in mind. The Spokkz-Zilliqa collaboration will be a high-profile scalability showcase in the blockchain space.”

At present, the market cap of Zilliqa is of $632 million with a price of $0.090. It has gone up by 0.43 percent in the last 24 hours.
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