SimpleFX Launches Proprietary Beta WebTrader Platform

SimpleFX Launches Proprietary Beta WebTrader Platform

SimpleFX, one of the most popular and successful cryptocurrency trading platform has launched a new and redesigned BETA version of its web trading platform. This new Beta WebTrader Platform that will soon replace the current version, comes with a lot of improvements and upgrades.

Simple FX recently launched its mobile applications for Android and iOS. This new WebTrader platform, while only in beta version right now, invites users to report bugs and provide feedback and suggestions. The design and development team will review these bugs and suggestions and make necessary changes.Simple FX issued a statement about this launch.

We are introducing pure Beta version since we would like our clients to suggest what we could improve, and which new features should be introduced.

This upgraded version includes new features such as powerful technical analysis tools with fully adjustable attributes such as colors, width, style, area of the chart, different trend lines, arrows, angles, shapes, rectangles and other features.SimpleFX offers more technical tools to make it easier for traders to perform technical analysis. Traders can analyze markets by combining tools like brush, patterns, ruler, price range and more.

SimpleFX has a new design, a remodeled trading engine and faster loading time and pricing updates. This helps to make the experience for the trader both more efficient and more enjoyable.

Managing the user account is also easier as with just one click it is possible to disable email statements and the newsletter. The interface allows users to see the charts on market list and the price levels of all SimpleFX currency pairs and symbols. There are numerous customization options available such as the ability to hide all tools without shutting them off to enable a better picture of the charts.

Finally, the platform has special features associated with placing orders especially for optimizing risk management. For instance, there are features such as checking order details, tools to improve trade management and sections like ‘news’ and ‘tv’.

Both the old and the new version will be available to users till the end of  August 2018. At that time, SimpleFX will disable the old WebTrader platform and launch the new one in its entirety.

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