Shidan Gouran Discusses Digital Assets and their Future
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Shidan Gouran Discusses Digital Assets and their Future

In an exclusive interview with CoinFrenzy, Shidan Gouran, the CEO and President of Global Blockchain, discussed the blockchain industry and how digital assets would be the next big thing in the industry.

You can find some of the important questions in the interview and Shidan’s answers to those questions below.

Q. Having been in the industry for so long, what is your take on the current market?

Ans: My opinion is that the market is becoming very saturated every passing day. There are way too many projects in the market which haven’t been delivered yet. People really need to deliver on what they’re building instead of just showing ideas and plans all the time. We need to see some success stories for this space to really take off.

Q. Your company, Global Blockchain, has seen the market closely to serve users better. Which areas would your company place its bets on?

Ans: If you would’ve asked people a year and a half ago about what they find important in this space, or what applications blockchain could be used for, they would have named everything under the sun. Now, however, I think we’re getting a much clearer picture. Everybody is understanding things better. They are able to understand which solutions make sense and which don’t. So if I were to place my bets on something on behalf of my company, I would place my bets on trade finance, the supply chain space, the gaming space—whether it is the in-game assets or other applications, and social networking. I think there is great potential in these areas.

Q. The FinTech sector is ever blooming. Is there anything specific in the current market that you think would make it big in the future?

Ans: The ability to connect different blockchains together and really making a platform for interchain transactions is something that interests me a lot. For that reason, I find Ripple’s work to be quite interesting. We ourselves have developed Laser which is a blockchain-based service allowing transactions. It works similar to the inter-ledger protocol but in a much-decentralized fashion. We have done what DASH has done with MasterNodes and we’ve taken Ethereum and have added the concept of service nodes to it. All of this combined forms Laser.

Q. What about the gaming industry? What interests you in the gaming industry?

Ans: A lot of things. I think there’s a huge opportunity in the gaming industry for growth and innovation. Many companies—including us—are working on bringing blockchain to the gaming industry and I think in-game assets would make it large soon. In-game assets would be trading on blockchain much sooner than most of us had predicted. I think that in the next 18 months, most in-game assets are going to be blockchain-based. That’s a huge community we’re talking about! That’s a bigger community than the cryptocurrency market today.

Q. What does the future of this industry look like to you?

Ans: In the next few years, we would see a world which has many things which would look like currencies for your average Joe. The reason for that is, now with cell phones, you can put a thousand currencies in your pocket—you couldn’t do that before. With cash registers turning into computers, we’re seeing a similar change. So it only makes sense to have every community and organization to have its own unit of value. I think the concept of a digital asset is much more important than blockchain. While blockchain are doing a good job right now, digital assets would make up much of the future.

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